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What is it about Apple - the company - that you don't like? They're a pinnacle in the world of business successes, they hold quality and profit to the same standard, they work very very hard for the best interests of consumers (fair, simple pricing structures), and they deliver amazing products time and again. I can't think of a company I like more. To stay on topic, I think this was a selfish move by Eminem, but he's a prick anyway... a genious when it comes to music and...
I agree. It struck me odd when iTunes gained the ability to sync Photos, but they're stuck with a quandry... what to do on the Windows platform. It's easier to deliver one application for all the functionality, than separate apps (ie. iSync). I really like the iSync application, but with Tiger having tighter sync integration, a separate application has become unnecessary. Maybe this calls for an "iPod Manager" application from Apple that can better separates music tasks...
Adobe's projects are becoming bloatware. Just look at how long it takes Adobe Reader to start up, for simple PDF viewing. Steve has publically said (at Macworld) that he is pushing Adobe to integrate CoreImage into their products, but without an equivalent on the Windows side, they probably won't invest into it. This is a perfect opportunity to bring a simpler, yet just as powerful, graphics design application to the market that compete head-to-head with Photoshop, but...
Here's a thought... subscribe to .Mac, get all the awesome integration it offers, and qualify rightfully for the perks.
Rather than submit a "complaint" about this, do you maybe have a "solution" you could offer Apple engineers? Afterall, we're all part of the "Mac community".http://www.apple.com/feedback/
That's not the correct form for everyone. You should use the Feedback forms:http://www.apple.com/feedback/
They don't send out "patches", they send out an entire updated application. It may only be certain components of the entire package, though.
Absolutely awesome!!! Way to go, Apple. I was getting kinda bored with being an Apple fanatic, thinking it was just hot air, but it's articles like this that induce more excitement.
I believe it. Apple has been known to change its way in light of demand or competition. They killed the CRT, then brought it back for the education market demand. They're making USB the primary connectivity option for iPods (Windows market demand), there's rumors of iTunes Music Store subscription model (competition motive), and now this two-button mouse rumour. I'm just wondering how they'll make it *better*.
Worse, I've noticed frequent spelling errors on MacCentral, of all publications. You'd think they'd catch stuff like that. (Thanks for being so responsive, AppleInsider) Okay, about the iPod shuffles.... congrats to Apple, a lot more happy 'podders now.
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