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Browsers can support a double-click event, but it's not 100% reliable across browsers, so hasn't been used that much by developers. In me.com webmail, if you have 2-pane view enabled (rather than 3-pane view), you must double-click a message to view it.
Scenario: You run a lawn-cutting business, and have higher margins than the rest of the kids on the block. You're booked solid because people are happy with your service. They are more than willing to pay your price. Would you really think about lowering your margins? That goes against business sense.
I know! Ballmer is seriously an idiot, or he must strategically lie.
It'll be iPhone 3G sold in this last quarter totally more than all of the Blackberry phones sold during the same quarter (all models from Blackberry).
I so thought I was looking at a stretched iPhone! When was that first video recorded? The full Internet is already in my pocket, on my iPhone. Sounds like they're trying to spread FUD, unless that's a very old video.
Apple's thinking is and always will be slightly ahead of consumers' thinking. Sure, we hate to lose Firewire, a technology that has a cool name, great performance, and bragging rights, since Apple invented it. But if you stop and think about it... the MacBook (which no longer has Firewire) is targeted to a market that probably won't ever use Firewire. The vocal minority here are the ones that should be looking at a MacBook Pro anyway, which still has their beloved...
Submitting crash-prone sites to bugs.webkit.org is probably the best way for you to help resolve this situation.
Who really *wants* Java? The only reason it is still used by some developers is because it has functionality that never used to be available to web developers. But that's changed. You can create almost anything with Javascript and web services now.
After running the test, click the "A" in Acid on the page and it will display a summary of the test (ie, timing, etc.). This tells you how well it performed. Just the fact that you "thought" it was smooth doesn't mean it was.
Now, that is brilliant!
New Posts  All Forums: