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A way to capture real-world wi-fi situations, this can only help to make OS X and iOS better. --- On an unrelated note --- I can't quite get used to the reversed tab interface control. It seems more gimmicky than improvement. But I'm not yet using 10.7, so maybe somebody who is can chime in on this. It almost seems like they want to provide a "physical" movable control for touch interfaces, rather than a series of AM radio-like push buttons.
In thinking about this, I think there is a distinct difference between a "web view" and a full-blown browser that incorporates a web view. A browser can bring benefits like hardware acceleration to web views. Can web views (within a native application) do that on their own? Does hardware acceleration fit in to the web view layer or the browser/application layer? Just the programmer in me suggesting that maybe this isn't a bug per-se. But then there's the discussion of...
What's the benefit of throwing blame around? Web apps are not independent applications. They use Apple's web framework, so this is Apple's fault, but the purpose of neither the article or the headline is to point fingers and laugh like you clearly want to.
Seriously, why would Apple deliberately handicap their own devices? This is a bug, plain and simple. Clearly, Mobile Safari received the upgrade love, but the other app (WebSheet.app) didn't. Easy for them to fix this.
I appreciate the App Store because I like the idea of apps being filtered and moderated to a certain extent. Just look at the mess that the "open Internet" has created for desktop operating systems in the last 30 years... it's a mess. The App Store is a clean, vetted source of apps, quality or otherwise. At least I know I won't have to wade through crap masquerading as legitimate products, like all of those "camera and printer driver" websites out there.
I know. That equates to over 35,616 per DAY! (over the course of a year) How is that even possible? Is the market demand really there for that? That is amazing.EDIT - I'm confused. lol
Amazing how pessimistic and negative this thread has become and it's just started.
Irresponsible, yes. Inaccurate, probably not, as the facts are facts. Updating to iTunes 10.1.1 is leading to crashes for some people, but what's missing is that the crashing may not be a result of iTunes, but rather the update process. Apple's update servers may be getting slammed and crippling under the load.
Sounds like maybe the software update download was incomplete or corrupted. Hence why most of us are not having problems with iTunes and why re-downloading fixes the problem.
Why the hell would I hand over $50 to Rogers to unlock MY phone? I'm on contract with Rogers for the exact same price as people with subsidized phones, but I brought my own!! My phone! And I pay them over $100 a month for my service. A month! Good thing I'm happy with the service. Sorry, but $50 is ridiculous. I'd pay $10 tops. What does the cost cover?
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