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I purchased Avril's "Girlfriend" song (and the video) because I thought it sounded really original and stood out in today's mix of rock music. It's a shame it's so similar to a song from 1977. And Avril didn't even write it? That sucks. I wanna be your boyfriend -- by the Rubinoos
Apple is also not geeking out the image of the iPhone by calling it a "smart phone". That would attract a very specific target audience. They are going broader. For example, how any teenagers would buy a Blackberry? Not many. However, I run into lots of business people that buy them. The iPhone is going to clean house. That should scare Motorola. It's about time, too.
The major difference between most cell phones and the iPhone is that the iPhone (like the Blackberry) defines a whole new genre of phones, establishing itself as a platform. Apple is going to do the same thing with the iPhone that they did with the iPod. It's already happening, as shown by the numerous 3rd-party accessories available on launch day. Future versions: - iPhone mini - iPhone nano - iPhone shuffle (okay, maybe not) :-) Hmmm, the "iPhone metro"... that...
gawd, I hope the lineups are how AT&T expects them to be. It'll be horrible if nobody shows up.
Hardly lackluster. Leopard is a giant leap forward for the Mac OS. There's only so much one company can handle at one time, though. I appreciate all the amazing work that Apple engineers are accomplishing, and in the timeframe they're doing it in. The iPhone is going to rock. I just wish they'd include Canada in their launch. \
I agree with the inconsistent keyboard navigation (in dialog boxes). iTunes is particular annoyance for me. I *really* want to see this addressed, and hope that Leopard puts this issue to bed. I don't agree that Apple is focusing more on their Windows apps than Mac apps. That's plainly unfounded. If you follow the development of the WebKit.org project (the engine in Safari), they work on both platforms equally. Updates for their apps tend to come out simultaneously for Mac...
apple.com is redesigned. Wow.
I think the Hi-Fi was a test product. Obviously the sales weren't good enough to warrant frequent updates, and I'm sure their engineering resources have been consumed with pending iPhone and OS X updates. I'm in the market for a Hi-Fi this year, I hope they come out with an updated version.
Today's engineers trudy accomplish wonders. All of those electronics on a double-sided PCB. It's amazing how it all works.
Okay, to reply to myself... why would the title of this article state "first album sale" when the body of the article clarifies the fact that it's not the first?iQuiz sounds cool. Add in some iPhone connectivity to this feature and that could be a lot of fun.
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