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  A lot of people are using it without even realizing it. I've spoke with a number of people for tech support that claim to be using "Internet Explorer", only to find out that they unknowingly switched to Chrome at some point without realizing it. A lot of people are drones when it comes to this stuff. And Google has been very aggressive about pushing Chrome onto people.
  That was his brilliance. The ability to step back and see things for what they were, quite often long before anybody else did.
  Your credibility just went out the window with that last statement. CSS3 and CSS4, plus JavaScript and SVG, are replacing it.
  Isn't that what this article is about? :)
  If I read between the lines, you seem to be basing Apple's *success* on market share by unit. That's not how they succeed. They succeed by delivering the best product they can with healthy margins. Tell me again how they are doing? ;)
  Yup, into the trash bin.
  Oh thanks! I had no idea why I was not getting any work done on my maintenance-free Macs for the past 15 years! You've really opened my eyes! Thanks!
  But would iCloud be what it is today without them having done MobileMe? I think people need to remember that work builds on itself to build better works.
  Are you saying that Apple products are cheap, low-end hardware wrapped in fancy marketing? Just asking.   I spent the last two days fixing a computer for my employer that has crapped out for the countless time because she doesn't understanding that buying cheap results in cheap. And she bought the cheapest ink cartridges and then failed to install one of them properly. It leaked and ruined the printer. *shakes his head*   Moral of the story - don't buy cheap if you want...
Here we go again, but this time with iCloudSecurityGate (or lack thereof). This same discussion (if you can call it that) happened over at Dropbox, as well. Someone reveals that data can be decrypted, and all of a sudden, people are up in arms that their data is not secure. It's a laugh. And based on this AI article, there's a lot of assumptions being made. They may be true, but they are still assumptions until Apple themselves confirms them. And these same people that...
New Posts  All Forums: