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The test page set up by AppleInsider does indeed re-enable JavaScript. Note that you need to reload the Safari Settings page to see the changed state of the toggle switch.
  Not just any page with JavaScript will turn it back on... only those with a Smart App Banner do. Clearly the underlying system that detects whether a Banner needs to be displays also re-enabled JavaScript in order to do so, but forgets to disable it again after the banner has been displayed. It could be that if JavaScript were disabled, the banner wouldn't function. Catch-22.   But this is really not a serious bug... probably 99% of people don't even disable JavaScript,...
$40 for a cable is painful, but if the pricing is part of Apple's tactic to ensure that only quality, well-designed products make it to market, then I applaud them. I know I was left confused and concerned by the array of unapproved 3rd-party 30-pin based devices and cables available at retail. For the relatively few that I tried, there were incompatibilities between them. I'm hoping that Lightening's implementation is consistent across the board from the very start for...
  Don't worry. I'll write to AppleInsider and every other publication and inform them not to write headlines that get people to read them. /sarcasm   Now, it is well-known that Apple is trying to reduce its reliance on Google as much as possible, so the headline is appropriate, because that's what the story is about, no?
  You need to relax.   M is "mega" in SI lingo. MM is the financial abbreviation, meaning 1000x1000.   This is a monetary figure of $525,000,000, so from a financial context, MM is correct, but as previously mentioned, saying $525M is not incorrect, just a different unit for the same thing. :)
  Wow, I'm impressed! Still dragging that "Microsoft saved Apple" BS around, eh?       And as for Microsoft representing the "open" world... no.... that's off-topic. We won't go there.  
  What does this even mean? Maps is built on an extensible architecture that other developers can tie into. Are you saying there's no search functionality in their implementation? Can you reword your statement? And Siri as a search engine? Huh? lol
I'm seeing the same thing for my [Canadian] account.
What people forget about USB is that it's not a universal "connector", but a universal "bus". The myriad of USB connections just boggles my mind. There should be one standard size and one micro size, that's it. Not the 6 or 7 different variations that currently exist. Apple develops its own dock connector so that it can manage the design and keep it simple. But even that hasn't been perfect over the past 10 years. The new dock connector will hopefully address the past...
  Well, it's been *accepted* that "PC" specifically refers to a "personal computer running Windows", not Linux, not Mac OS, but Windows. Yes, it also stands for the more generic phrase "Personal Computer", but that's not what we're talking about here.   When speaking of "Personal Computers", yes tablets are more personal than boxy-desktop or laptop computers ever were, so it's an ironic situation. But you need to look at the meaning behind both Steve Jobs' statement and...
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