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Unlike most PC manufacturers, Apple doesn't just slap together parts designed by Intel and other companies. They design their own motherboards, and that includes some custom chips and chipsets.
That's approximately 63 apps purchased per SECOND! They'll probably have to randomly select the winner.
The rebuild of Finder in Leopard was a good step forward, but Finder needs some serious love in order to make it as powerful as many of their apps are now. Other than the redesigned window layouts and integration with things like QuickLook, it doesn't seem like any new real functionality has been added to Finder in many many years. There's so much they could do with it.
That's funny. So you have your gf look for your phone when you lose it, and she complains the whole time.... oh, the joy!
You are making assumptions. Let me state some facts: 1) Apple supports previous-generation iPods for years after they are replaced. 2) Unlike many manufacturers, Apple knows that devices are virtually disposable in the long term and by making them as small and simple as possible, they minimize the impact on the environment. It's responsible design. I guess this could be my opinion, but I state it as a fact.
iTunes doesn't change your song files. Where did you get that from? The VoiceOver audio recordings will be separate files internally linked via some database to the songs, I imagine.
The computer industry was once such a mess that Apple had the freedom to carve their own path, a superior one, and then the computer industry followed suit. Things have changed, though. With USB and a tremendous focus on cross-platform compatibility the past few years, Apple can no longer afford (or is interested in) making drastic changes to the status quo. They want to deliver the best consumer experience across the board, and that means compatibility. I can't see them...
The jack itself is standard, with respect to electrical connections. The housing around the jack was what prevented many plugs from fitting into it. Specs don't cover that. No cognitive dissonance here, and I did say it was a stupid design.
The original iPhone never had a non-standard jack, it was just too far recessed into the case that some plugs didn't fit all the way in. Yes, it was a stupid design.
The Newton is still alive and kicking. Just not on Apple's agenda.
New Posts  All Forums: