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They are being paid. Why does currency have to be cash?
I'm waiting for the day when there's only a single camera module with both front and back-facing lens, taking advantage of the full width of the phone body. Physical mirrors inside could control which lens was "active".
Why isn't Apple's service status page showing any problems? That is my question.
Improvements to Skype are welcome. It has always felt clunky to me, with recent versions feeling less clunky. File transfers are still very weak, but the addition of syncing 'read' status across devices is a huge plus! Viber still needs that.
I thought one of the reasons for iTunes Radio was to provide convenient "Buy Now" option of the music that's playing. How does that work with these third-party stations?
Imagine a flat, super-light, and thin Lightening cable. No more twisted-sheath problems. This will not replace the traditional audio jack, at least for several generations, but does set the stage for an entirely new breed of headset and other body accessories.
During the Keynote, it appeared like the menubar was completely flat, but in the above screenshot, it appears to still have a bit of a bowed, gradient appearance. I wonder what the difference is? (and aren't these articles read by a second person before posting? The typos are inexcusable)
It's ironic that this would be a new feature, since 4G/LTE connections are quite often faster than many Wifi networks. But with the vast explosion of Wifi networks, why not take advantage of them, eh? Just wondering about privacy. Can the calls be intercepted with a man-in-the-middle attack?
As a Rogers customer, I've used their One Number service for a couple of years. For the Mac, there's a menubar application with a counterpart web app that runs the service. You can make and receive phone calls, send and receive text messages, and view past text messages through the service. It works just like a phone, with no added latency. It doesn't use the phone itself, it's an internet-based service, and yes, it counts against daytime minutes, since ultimately the call...
 Obviously we do need to keep going over it because people keep bringing it up in threads like this. Your points are valid, but some are outdated. The motion issue was addressed with successive updates. Did you try those out?  The fact remains that, while 7 was a drastic change, it's not that bad. People are adaptable creatures, and soon you would be right back in the groove of it like you never even used 6 before it. That's the truth.
New Posts  All Forums: