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PC hardware has increased in speed, but the primary OS has remained the same, so it's going to run faster, just like OS 9 runs __way__ faster on today's Macs. However, OS X is so framework and API-heavy, and has such a demanding user interface, of course it's going to require more processing power.
Apple saved their butts. Apple is focused on the experience. They need Apple. Apple will NOT be raising the price of downloads.... 99cents is the sweet spot right now. Apple gave us back our MTV.
BINGO! I've always been surprised how out-of-place the QuickTime Pro nag-screen is... ads on their own computers. QuickTime is an amazing technology, and although they do need to recover costs, popup screens advertising Pro isn't the way to do it. I love the QuickTime Producer idea... that's what the $30 should buy. The added clarity would actually leverage more sales than they probably get with their current nagging model. Consumers just don't understand why they'd need...
Happy Birthday Steve! You have my permission to take today off. Go do something fun with your family and friends and don't think about work. We'll all be here tomorrow waiting for you to give us the "next big thing". We believe in you (even if you did take our Firewire out of the box). :-) Have a good one!
We all know where this is going.... iTunes on iPod! They already developed the software for cellphones using Java, why not have it on the iPods as well? The ability to manage playlists, purchase music, etc... all without the computer. Of course a (wireless) Internet connection would be needed to use the Store.
Definitely a dumb name. Rendezvous was great. Not sure why Tibco is so darn picky... it increases people's awareness of the name resulting in more people asking about their product when they see the name in connection with them. Mindshare. Please don't use Bonjour, Apple. You can think of something better.
As stated, the details about Core Data are seeeeekrit, meaning that they can't be discussed openly. Developers are under NDAs.
The ads are definitely targeted towards men. Those are some cuties! I'm not impressed with the music volume going up and down from the bottles. The timing is off sometimes, and the effect isn't as impacting as it could be.
The theme seems to be how Wal-Mart hurts consumers by keeping the standard of living lower. I haven't seen this mentioned, but I think another big issue is how superstores like Wal-Mart *clean-up* when they come into town. Small retailers quite often die of starvation because they just can't compete on price. If they do manage to survive, their standard of living is lowered (as a business). My hats go off to the small business owners that get really creative and find ways...
Although this post has received some negative responses, I have to agree with it. It's not about being snobby or putting lower-income people down, it's about raising the standard of living, the value of goods, and the value of the people behind the goods. The facts are simple. It's the Wal-Marts of the world devaluing the world while increasing the amount of junk filling our landfills. It is [used to be?] the Apples of the world that challenged the status quo, putting love...
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