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Why would the author round up to $1K ($1000), and not just put the actual amount, especially when the amount in the native currency is one million, not one thousand? Laziness? Bizarro.
I'd live happily on 1/10th of 1/10th of that payout. Truly amazing how patent trolls get away with this.
I've noticed that my 2007 MacBook Pro fan kicks in when playing back video (in VLC) a lot more frequently. Not sure if that's related to the 10.6.8 update, but this started just after installing it. Maybe certain processes are not playing nicely with this update?
Based on what? Can you provide some facts and experience to back up your claim? I'm not saying you are wrong, but when making public statements, generally proof is needed for credibility.
He went with Cydia. That blew his chances of getting any compensation in any form. If he would've played it clean, then maybe. Sounds like they offered to pay him for his talents through a job, which he rejected.
iTunes 10.5 or 10.3? I thought it was 10.3. And this only seems to be available to US customers. Going to apple.ca (for Canada) doesn't display any mention of iTunes 10.3, as apple.com does. Attempting to download gives 10.2.2.
I like that they are tweaking the interface. The Aqua widgets we have in Snow Leopard are feeling out of place as other aspects of the over UI have evolved over time. I like the flatter look of buttons and appreciate that some colour is still retained. The slider effect for the tabs looked cool, but I think that was it.... Great for switches (on / off), but not great for a multi-tab UI switcher. But the latest gray look still doesn't look quite finished... let's see...
Nothing. Shameful how poorly Apple is at keeping their core "everyday" apps updated. I wish feature updates would come to Finder, Mail, Address Book, System Preferences and so on more frequently. Maybe it's an accounting issue? They can't provide new features into a product that has already "shipped"?
What's up with the $519 before-tax price in Canada, though? Shipping? $20 a unit is a big premium when hundreds are shipped at a time.
A way to capture real-world wi-fi situations, this can only help to make OS X and iOS better. --- On an unrelated note --- I can't quite get used to the reversed tab interface control. It seems more gimmicky than improvement. But I'm not yet using 10.7, so maybe somebody who is can chime in on this. It almost seems like they want to provide a "physical" movable control for touch interfaces, rather than a series of AM radio-like push buttons.
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