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Why do you ask that? Microsoft focuses on business, Apple focuses on people. This is actually quite brilliant, and is a perfect use for any iPhone-like device. University campuses are perfect places to leverage the technology.
The AppleInsider article states that the Unlimited plan only works with Rogers-certified browsers, so no, I don't think it would be safe to be using Mobile Safari with this plan, unfortunately.
I saw this Communicate Value Pack on my Rogers statement, but didn't realize it featured unlimited data. I was about to cancel it, but may keep it to show my support for the idea, and to get some usage out of my cell phone's browser (cheapo Nokia). Can't wait for the iPhone.... come to Canada, baby!
I own the USB shuffle. It never fit into the eMac USB ports, which was a widely-reported issue, and the MacBook Air has restricted space around the USB port, so I was wondering if the same applied to it.
I have been a defender of the MacBook Air, but after reading this article, I'm a bit disappointed about some of Apple's decisions. For them to repeat a mistake, such as not fully supporting all 3.5mm audio jacks (as was the case with the iPhone, as well), is such a shame. A slightly different shape of the flip-out ports would've avoided that. Does the first-generation iPod shuffle fit into the USB port? Introducing new keystrokes to do tasks that have been consistent...
I've never seen a RAZR in use. Maybe that's just me, though.
This would be a good thing. Clean house, get a fresh perspective. Quit beating a dead horse. I think they finally see the light that years in the business does not equal leadership in the business.
I think Time Machine was a first sign that the identity of OS X will be shifting away from cat names and will begin using space-related names. Maybe planets or constellations, or even concepts like warp speed.
Ah... the smell of envy. You're just angry because you can't afford to buy AAPL stock, right?
Spoken like a true expert. So which Fortune 500 company did you build?
New Posts  All Forums: