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One word - sad.
The difference is that Apple is both the software and the hardware vender. Apple needs their handset approved by the cell networks. Google doesn't have that concern. They just build the sandbox and it's up to the hardware makers to pick and choose which features get implemented.
Computers, particularly Macs, have been increasingly complex, and along wit this will come an increasing challenge to keep things running perfectly. Add to this the huge growth of the Mac, and the increasing pressure on Apple to keep innovating, and you can begin to see why things may not be as smooth as they were a few years ago. Not making excuses, but it's a fact. The world is becoming increasingly connected, and this puts demands on our computers that weren't there...
The double-restart is normal. As for everything running slower, did you notice that Spotlight might be re-indexing? That happened to me and would cause a temporary slowdown.
I tend to be an optimist with Genius. Genius asks: "Maybe you'll like some of these?" rather than telling me: "Listen to these." The glass is half full.
If this Genius bar is real, then it's just a remake of the current Mini-Store feature already built into iTunes. I think most people disable that feature and then forget about it. I know I do. I think it's got to be bigger, or smarter (ie. more fun to use) than that. One of the biggest draws of iTunes has been how easy and fun it is to use. They have iTunes Live festivals, run contests (well, they used to), integrate seemlessly with 3rd-party gear, vehicles, etc. I...
The browse button used to be on the main toolbar a few versions back. They moved it down below because it wasn't being used all that much, mainly by people familiar with it. I think the search field is easier to use to find music by artist and album than browse is. I mainly use Browse when I'm searching a particular genre or TV series.
That's funny, but please please please tell us you don't use Internet Explorer as your regular browser!?!?!?!?!Edit -- you were trying to fake 10.1, I read your post too fast.
The Mac mini is a great computer, and I'm sure they sold a ton of them. Where are you getting your information?
Two theories: 1) The OS is in some packaged, possibly encrypted form that can't be easily patched. Easier to replace. 2) Any glitches with an existing system are easier to fix by replacing the whole bit. Most Mac software updates come as entire downloads, too.
New Posts  All Forums: