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Glad to see Apple's position on this. The League fails to realize that the directory built into iTunes is only one place that people get the feeds from. The affiliation program allows direct linking to any page on iTunes, therefore the League could've been promoting their own stuff however they wanted. Third parties would've been doing the same for them.
Not major, but definitely an issue to be resolved for the overall reputation of the OS.
Seems like something else is being rushed out the door, like this article. I think I just "generation" a funny! Nonetheless, thanks for your hard work Kasper. I hope they pull out. I like Apple's closed system. Then again, if they did work towards interoperability, the digital music market would get very interesting indeed. I can see a major growth in iTunes Music Store usage, rather than iPod users switching to other stores or buying other players.
The world sure has changed. Some people are so quick to pass judgement and point out the mistakes of others. OS X is a very complex combination of files, and a mistake like this is bound to happen once in a blue moon. The important thing is that they noticed it and corrected it right away. That's what matters here, grouchos.
The "struggles" continue. They used it correctly. This whole issue of marketshare is pointless. Apple is a healthy, profitable company. And they are growing. That's all that matters.
That's great, but I'm starting to agree with the whiners about the low bitrate songs. Let's see Apple step up and offer higher encoding rates. Why do I say this? In the beginning, they claimed that "some" of the music in the first million songs was encoded from the original masters, but I *highly* doubt they were able to continue doing that as they added millions of more songs over the past three years. Apple is working extremely hard to achieve the success they are...
That breaks my heart, and is a complete surprise! I never would've guessed they would use a Windows-based device.
There's actually another way to look at it. If the development costs of QuickTime begin to be recovered from this new interest in the more advanced features, then Apple may be inclined to expand the list of free features since they'd have nothing to lose from it. BBEdit is a great example. Bare Bones were obviously making sufficient income from the "pro" version of BBEdit to announce that TextWrangler would be completely free. If we insist on living out of a "bargain bin",...
I totally agree that full-screen playback is a silly pay-for feature. In fact, that and the ability to "Save As" movies from web sites were pretty much the only two features I was looking for. But, I realize that a lot of resources are put into QuickTime, so I don't mind paying a few dollars to support that.
Don't worry about it, bedouin. Those are just cheapskates looking for a way to avoid paying for something of value. You're better than them, right? I had a license for QT6 (two actually: Mac+Win), which came in handy many times. Now it's time to upgrade to QT7, I guess.
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