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Other way around there, my friend. Rosetta is an intermediary to get PowerPC code to run on the Intel machines. The code runs natively on G4s and G5s.
I've never had a program crash on me. Seems to me like you need to look closer at your particular setup.
Generalization. Leopard seems pretty darn solid to me. Your experience may be different, but don't include me in your conclusion of Leopard. It's a very high-quality product. Not beta.
Glad to see developments in this area. I expect the next version of OS X to better support speech recognition, which falls in line with the need for voice dialing on the iPhone.
Go with WPA instead of WEP. Better security, shorter key.
Airport Express. Plug it into the Ethernet and then you're wireless. No wired dongle needed.
Unfortunately, this little number gets repeated now and again. The truth is that there was no law that covered the downloading of digital content until last year. When the press was circulating about this, people got it into their heads that this made it legal somehow, but it was simply a loophole and never made it "right". The laws have since been rectified and it is illegal to download commercial content. It has always been illegal to upload commercial content, since...
Once this is a real product, traditional keyboards and mice will look archaic, and Windows PCs will still use them. The Mac will, once again, lead the pack for how human-computer interaction should be. Ah, the dreams of Star Trek continue to make their way into real life.
Yes, but are your complaints still valid after this update, and the OS updates released this week?
This undoubtably illustrates just how forward-thinking Apple is under the leadership of Steve Jobs. It takes but one man to say how things are going to be. A man with values and principles. A man with vision. Four years ago, Steve stood on stage and unveiled the iTunes Music Store, saying that it is designed to compete with the most lucrative competitor of all... peer-to-peer file sharing. They were relentless in their pursuit of keeping that easy-to-use model at the...
New Posts  All Forums: