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Yah, but the icon doesn't really work for me. An icon indicating a 90° rotation would work better than a full 360° rotation.
I'm glad Apple is not interested in becoming a bottom-feeder. Too many junk-slinging companies these days that make money from volume, not quality. Apple is starting to achieve volume by adhering to quality. I admire that.
That's actually a good point. Advertise a new version of their OS with Advertising as a major feature and then charge people for that new OS. On that note, I think "iBooks for iPhone/iPod" to be a lousy "major feature" of the OS... that should just be a separate app....
Opera happens to be a great browser, but doesn't have the mindshare that other mainstream browsers are getting.
Safari had this before Firefox did, so ha! Nice try, though.
That probably should be "Wright", eh?
It's not the individual actions, it's the sum of the whole experience. Each little inaccuracy adds up to a whole lot of frustration over the life of the device.
I don't know why AppleInsider decided to run this article. It's so full of holes. The victim made her own choices about how she handled the situation. Why place the blame on Apple and AT&T?
And we can all rely on a long-lasting, integrated battery, thanks to their R&D in that department. Really going to blow the competition out of the water!
I'd like to hear what their reasoning was to shoot the laptop. Are those "authorities" really that corrupt? Amazing that the hard drive was in-tact. I call that luck!
New Posts  All Forums: