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  Because it has value? Do you feel everything "on-line" should be free because it's digital? Does holding something physical in your hand make you feel better about handing over cash for it?
        Yup, this is definitely NOT a feature of Safari under iOS 5, so the author must be confused.
Ripped off? Who created this platform? lol
  In this day and age, my car should not have got a flat tire!
  That's an oversimplification. Hardware/software integration is complex stuff. In this case, Google's code works fine on other hardware, just not the _new_ hardware introduced by Apple. Now Google must change their code to accommodate that new hardware. This tail-chasing will always happen.
  A lot of people are using it without even realizing it. I've spoke with a number of people for tech support that claim to be using "Internet Explorer", only to find out that they unknowingly switched to Chrome at some point without realizing it. A lot of people are drones when it comes to this stuff. And Google has been very aggressive about pushing Chrome onto people.
  That was his brilliance. The ability to step back and see things for what they were, quite often long before anybody else did.
  Your credibility just went out the window with that last statement. CSS3 and CSS4, plus JavaScript and SVG, are replacing it.
  Isn't that what this article is about? :)
  If I read between the lines, you seem to be basing Apple's *success* on market share by unit. That's not how they succeed. They succeed by delivering the best product they can with healthy margins. Tell me again how they are doing? ;)
New Posts  All Forums: