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Anyone else find it unusual that all three searches ("movies", "web" and "sms") produce an equal number of results - 2201? Is that a magic number in some way?
It's great that they have regional TLDs! Love seeing .ca in there!
Mavericks is going to breath new life into my aging 2007 MacBook Pro. It's gonna be awesome! Thanks Apple. And thanks for continuing to set a higher and higher bar for performance of your products. Macs are gonna rule the roost for years to come.
Clueless hacks.
Very cool!
The author says that Apple has been tacking on an "S"... "every other model"... iPhone iPhone 3G iPhone 3GS iPhone 4 iPhone 4S iPhone 5 Unless I'm mistaken, they've only done this twice, so why the overblown reaction? Nobody knows what the next version will be called, but I think the "S" models are perfectly acceptable iterations of the existing model. Maybe a different monikor is needed, but not a full increment of the model number for every reason.
Thanks for the link to the Blink info. Your subtle hint to read before commenting is taken. hahaha. It was very informative, and feels like WebKit will benefit from the work that Blink does. There can be a sharing of advances in both directions. Blink gives the Google engineers the freedom to make major changes. But my concern about WebKit's base of developers suddenly being halved in size is worrying still.
I love and hate this announcement. Love it because it will drive innovation, but hate it because it may have a serious impact on the continued evolution of WebKit. How will work done on Blink make its way into WebKit and vice-versa, or is this another splitting of the ways for Google? If Google was already one of the largest contributors to WebKit (so most likely all of those people will be moving to Blink), why did it become too complicated for them? Didn't they have the...
The initial release of Safari used a closed-source version of WebKit, not open-sourced as it eventually became. That's the difference.
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