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  Are you saying that Apple products are cheap, low-end hardware wrapped in fancy marketing? Just asking.   I spent the last two days fixing a computer for my employer that has crapped out for the countless time because she doesn't understanding that buying cheap results in cheap. And she bought the cheapest ink cartridges and then failed to install one of them properly. It leaked and ruined the printer. *shakes his head*   Moral of the story - don't buy cheap if you want...
Here we go again, but this time with iCloudSecurityGate (or lack thereof). This same discussion (if you can call it that) happened over at Dropbox, as well. Someone reveals that data can be decrypted, and all of a sudden, people are up in arms that their data is not secure. It's a laugh. And based on this AI article, there's a lot of assumptions being made. They may be true, but they are still assumptions until Apple themselves confirms them. And these same people that...
I agree with your assessment. Either MS Windows or Google's Android. Users wouldn't care about the platform running their devices, as long as it worked and was compatible. There's huge populations that continue to buy BlackBerry simply because of the brand, not the quality of the products or user experience. Sad, really, but that's an opportunity for RIM to repair their sinking ship.
Steve created Apple. His influence on the company will last for generations. Get over it.
Should've been Newton.
Bravo. That's the driving force behind this redevelopment... to create a "place" where people want to be, and to be their best. It will be the dream to work there for many generations to come.
I really miss Steve, and I never met him in person. The world isn't the same without him around. But it's not the same because of what he did while he walked among us. This new building is a symbol of just how Apple doesn't take anything lightly. Whatever they do, they want to do the best they can. Good for them, and let's all hope they can hang on to that value system for years to come.
Not liking the gray buttons everywhere, though. What happened to nice and visible aqua "default" button that activates when pressing Return or Enter?
Bravo!! But this feels like Windows all over again. The general population is happy with "good enough". As technology improves, the difference between Apple's offering and the competition will become narrower and narrower (feature-wise). At the end of the day, the user experience will continue to be the reason to choose Apple.
New Posts  All Forums: