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Yes, both AppleInsider and MacRumors have been posted questionable, half-assed articles lately. Seems they want to share anything in the rumor mill, no matter how poorly researched and written it is. Anybody can make any claim. It should be up to online publications like AI to filter out the junk, rather than just regurgitating it for ad revenue.
Just the browser plug-in is blocked. MacRumors had a misleading title, and now AppleInsider has spread the same misinformation.
Thunderbolt was poised as an "optical" cable solution, so it's very interesting to see optical USB be released. Just yesterday I was arguing that optical was an advantage for Thunderbolt over USB when distance was a factor. Still is to an extent, but not nearly as much now.
  You don't think that all code changes are vetted by at least two programmers and testing is done? You seem to have a negative view on programmers in general.
  You have "Administrator" next to your handle, but the above statement contradicts that. I make a living off of making software. I have my own software company.
@emi647 Your argument for demo apps is valid. The lack of a trial mode for apps is definitely a weakness of the iOS and Mac App Stores. But I'd also like to try strawberry milk one day. Am I going to walk into the store, open up a carton and test it out before buying? If I don't like it, do I leave it on the shelf? Why would I pay for it if I didn't like it, right? Your actions to try applications before buying only hurts the developers, not Apple. But it's Apple's...
Cute commercial. Despite Samsung's questionable business practices with regards to piggybacking off of Apple, they sure are serious about being serious! And they are definitely operating at a much quicker rate than Apple, which does give them an edge.
Hit-whore article title, sadly. I hope Tim continues to perform well for the next decade. Apple was so exciting with Steve at the helm, a certain magic existed. A bit of that shine is lost for me, but I don't blame it on change in management. I do hope that Apple keeps the fire burning hot and continues to surprise us year after year with amazing products.
  It wasn't a "big blow" dealt to them by Apple. They changed the specs of the device after Lightning was announced, and then whined and cried because they weren't actually allowed to do that according to the new Lightning guidelines. To cancel the project suddenly because of that and then blame Apple was a childish tactic to get publicity. Nothing more. Apple was the mature one and updated the guidelines to allow "changing" accessories to have both types of connectors....
Siminoff seems like a goof to me. The device does have two USB ports on the bottom, accommodating the existing USB-to-Lightning cables that people would already have. This was clearly a publicity stunt to get more attention to the device. Yes, it helped to "mature" the guidelines for Lightning, but it was still nothing more than a stunt. People that have contributed their money to this project should let Siminoff know that his tactics and attitude are pathetic.
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