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Yes, I really wish these article writers would remember that there's a world outside the US. I'm very excited about this announcement by Apple, but if it's US-only, it doesn't do me any good. \
If you read the article...
From the article:Out of curiosity, how many screens does the new iMac have?
For existing Mac users. The end-user license agreement states this clearly at the very top.In case you didn't get that.... "Apple-branded systems".http://images.apple.com/legal/sla/docs/macosx106.pdf
Yes. The cost of developing and maintaining OS X is covered by the sale of hardware. Apple was overly generous to sell Snow Leopard at such a bargain price.
Bravo Apple! I'm very impressed by their tremendous efforts at demonstrating and publicizing their environmental efforts. But there's still more work to be done. Go go Apple!
I use data tethering all the time now and it rocks! Rogers network in Canada.
AppleInsider, those links don't seem to work properly. The Telus Mobility link goes to a form asking for interest in the iPhone. The Bell Mobility link goes to an even more generic form. Am I missing something? Have they removed the pages?
The 130% figure illustrates that the application was able to split across two processors (parallelism), rather than max out just one, but some of the work was also offloaded to the GPU's, which would not be reported in the CPU utilization. The 130% alone is *not* the full processing power being tapped.There's two technologies being used here:- Grand Central Dispatch - utilizing multiple CPU's/cores- OpenCL - utilizing graphics processors
There is a difference between attacking and educating consumers about the facts.
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