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Hardly lackluster. Leopard is a giant leap forward for the Mac OS. There's only so much one company can handle at one time, though. I appreciate all the amazing work that Apple engineers are accomplishing, and in the timeframe they're doing it in. The iPhone is going to rock. I just wish they'd include Canada in their launch. \
I agree with the inconsistent keyboard navigation (in dialog boxes). iTunes is particular annoyance for me. I *really* want to see this addressed, and hope that Leopard puts this issue to bed. I don't agree that Apple is focusing more on their Windows apps than Mac apps. That's plainly unfounded. If you follow the development of the WebKit.org project (the engine in Safari), they work on both platforms equally. Updates for their apps tend to come out simultaneously for Mac...
apple.com is redesigned. Wow.
I think the Hi-Fi was a test product. Obviously the sales weren't good enough to warrant frequent updates, and I'm sure their engineering resources have been consumed with pending iPhone and OS X updates. I'm in the market for a Hi-Fi this year, I hope they come out with an updated version.
Today's engineers trudy accomplish wonders. All of those electronics on a double-sided PCB. It's amazing how it all works.
Okay, to reply to myself... why would the title of this article state "first album sale" when the body of the article clarifies the fact that it's not the first?iQuiz sounds cool. Add in some iPhone connectivity to this feature and that could be a lot of fun.
I can remember at least 2 other instances in the past few months when the Canadian store had a good selection of Albums for $7.99. How is this different?
Interesting how they say that 10.4.9 will be "one of the last". I don't really expect any updates after that. Never been one, even if technically it's possible to increment the numbers. I'm looking forward to a brief stint with 10.4.9, and then a swift transition to Leopard... oh, the excitement! I think I'll toss in a MacBook Pro with my Leopard order.... or, wait a sec.... So what's this about Windows Support in Leopard? AppleInsider said that with a great deal of...
Anyone that is concerned about Apple losing interest in the Macintosh... that will never happen. 1) Macs will be a platform upon which iPhone widgets are created. 2) Macs will be used to produce podcasts for iTV content. 3) Macs will be used to record music using Garage Band. 4) Macs will be used to organize photos in iPhoto that are served up to iTV. I think you get the idea... Macs aren't going anywhere, they are a vital component of the full solution... content...
Since when was iTV scheduled to launch in 2006? Steve said it was due in the first quarter of 2007. Appears on-track to me.
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