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I think the dip in iPads was to be expected. Everyone already has one! They've been selling like hotcakes since they were introduced, and the newer markets that Apple has entered are more budget conscious, so there wouldn't be tremendous growth from them for a higher-priced item. Way to go Apple! You continue to impress on the growth front, even with very conservative product upgrades and introductions.
The chances that a home router would be compromised by a Heartbleed-based attack is slim to none, me thinks.
Auto-Swipe is the wrong name. It should be called Smart-Swipe. The word "auto" suggests that it happens automatically without user intervention, whereas "smart" suggests that it knows what to do intelligently when the swipe occurs.
 I think you misunderstood my post. Samsung is the one that wants to be the king of all. Apple is only the king because they have a successful business model and honourable principles in business ethics, operations and high-class product design. I wasn't saying Samsung should just surrender their desire to overtake Apple.
 Ah... give an example of how Apple was utilizing that event to build brand awareness? I think you are confusing the reality with your own interpretation of it. There's a difference. Apple paid tribute to Steve. That's it. They even shut down all of their stores around the world for so all employees could participate in his celebration of life. How is closing stores, thereby stopping all sales, leveraging the opportunity?
 You, along with several others posting negative comments about Data Detectors, have no idea what you're talking about. You misunderstand the novelty of the patent that Apple rightly owns. This feature has become Kleenex of our day - we all expect that URLs (web addresses) are clickable, for example. But Data Detectors go far beyond that, detecting relative dates ('today', 'tomorrow', etc), multi-line addresses, and so on. Add in the fact that it works across 20 languages...
GitHub was also experiencing issues. Could there be a broader attack on big players? DNS is crucial to the operation of today's internet. It never used to be that way, though.
 Why would they waste their time supporting industry standards when they can continue to push their own "standard" - Exchange... ?
 Because Google doesn't care about your use of existing apps. We all _demand_ innovation from these tech companies, and Google is more focused on the next big announcement they can make rather than just cleaning up what they have now. 
New Posts  All Forums: