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You speak is if the problem affects everyone. It just may be an issue on your computer. iTunes 5.0 didn't deliver nearly the number of new features that I was expecting. I think they don't want to rock the boat too much or people might fall off. "It's floating great, just leave it".
Promised? I think you're confused between rumors and announcements.
The majority of consumers buy a phone to make phone calls. They buy a toaster to make toast, but oddly, they buy these multifunction printer/scanner/faxes to print documents. The extra features rarely get used. Convergence devices have their place, but not in the mainstream mindset. (remember, I said "majority" -- there are always exceptions)
I'd like to see some pictures. Let's see 'em folks!
Remarkable viewpoint, and I believe it. Truly an inspiring company.
That's correct. Checked the specs "2MB or 4MB flash drive". How does it qualify as a drive, as opposed to being flash memory?
For Apple to "rethink" the cellphone, which may or may not be the case (Motorola claims this new generation replaces "what used to be known as a cellphone"), they should make it 802.11-aware. Imagine being able to make IP phone calls, connect to your iChat account with video conversations, etc. with this phone from any public access point, without any airtime fees. Now, that would be a wicked and useful phone, even at home.
You have any idea what a huge and expensive support issue that would become? There's no way they'd be able to make money with people phoning in because their copy of OS X is having trouble on some custom-built hardware. Apple wants to sell hardware, plain and simple. OS X is the software that powers that hardware.
Adium is *very* customizable. You can turn off the *Quack* sounds if you want.
So true.Podcasts are the new radio. Why go analog when digital is king?Yes, if the market demands it, but there's two things that Apple does that many other companies fail to do, and that's educate the consumer and retain value in products and services. Consumers are being told that the lowest price is the way to go, but seriouly, how does that really help people? It doesn't. They just end up spending money of stuff they don't need (because it's cheap), so at the end of...
New Posts  All Forums: