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Bingo. This is the most logical explanation. They need to learn from the iPhone in order to compete with it.
It's not Apple, it's the music labels holding iTunes back in this respect. Apple wants DRM-free tracks for all of their music. That's obvious.
This celebration is only in the US store, as there is where iTunes Music Store launched. Please adjust the headline and/or article to clarify this. One can switch their iTunes to the US store to access the celebration pages.
Software can be really complex, especially when it behaves unpredictably. Please save us from your temper tantrums next time. None of us know what Apple's action on this has been thus far, except that they've acknowledged the issue and are working on it.
I agree. The current title is open to misinterpretation.I don't quite understand what "flaw" they are referring to, though. Can someone elaborate for me?
The real disservice for users was done by news outlets (such as AppleInsider) that reported the "fact" that Apple re-enabled Time Machine backups to Airport Disks, when in fact, that was never the case. Before and after the recent Airport update, I was able to choose Airport Disks without any problems, as long as they were mounted. Nothing has changed in this respect. Over at MacDailyNews, they even went so far as to try and build up their case that this "feature" was the...
If you're a tab-loving junky, you can switch on the option to "always show the tab bar". I do that with every Safari I use..
The reference to Firewire as a requirement only has to do with the fact that the architecture of the hardware changed when Firewire was introduced. Firewire isn't needed to run Safari.
Just double-click in the tab bar. Boom!
Basically, she wants to lay claim to money that he _will_ make in the future. That's just ridiculous in my mind, too.
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