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I came across the PERFECT description of Android, by President Jimmy Carter from 1979:Wow. Doesn't that just brilliantly describe Android? And the use of the word "immobility"... haha, so perfect. Read the full speech here:http://www.historyplace.com/speeches...confidence.htm
Apple (aside from Steve and other former Apple employees) was not involved with NeXT in any way when Berners-Lee successfully developed a working version of HTTP on NeXT hardware. This happened well before Apple bought NeXT in 1997. From Wikipedia:What's is interesting is just how deeply Steve has impacted the world, not just in consumer devices, but in areas like bringing the WWW to the public. Would Berners-Lee had been [as] successful/inspired if HyperCard and the NeXT...
I generally don't do hacks, so I'm not going to try this, but is it launching the native Settings app and taking you straight to a sub-section, or is this HTML-based versions of those sub-sections? Does this mean that the sub-sections are referenceable using special URLs? That would make sense.
What a great tribute to Steve.
It's very sad, but Steve would've wanted all of us to live. Don't let another day go by without doing something positive. No death that I've experienced has touched me as deeply as Steve's and none have given me the clarity about my own life that I now have. I am going to stop letting the years slip away and I'm going to chase my dreams harder than ever. That's what Steve did and he's been my inspiration. Thanks Steve. You are missed, but never forgotten.
Agreed. Saying No is just as important as saying Yes. Steve told us so. :-)
Still very hard to imagine, and accept. My eyes are teary. Steve, I'm glad you're no longer suffering. I will plant a tree for you.
May cancer rest in pieces one day!!!!!!! I'm totally broken. 56 is too young. Steve was one of a kind. He will be missed tremendously, but I'm glad that I was able to share, enjoy and embrace his vision. He has changed my life, my world, and the lives of many around me. Steve - you will not be forgotten, ever.
Apple may be a threat, but that's not Apple's fault. The competition has just been incapable of creating something that even comes close to Apple's offering.
I'm paying $30 a month for 6GB of data on my iPhone (Rogers in Canada) and I barely use 3G. Usually always on a Wifi network, so I applaud Apple for taking its time.
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