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Thickness, weight, and battery life are three other factors that affect portability. 13 inches would be the mininum screen size that's I'd want. That's for sure.
Don't drag the Applications icon from the sidebar of a Finder window. That's just a shortcut itself. You need to drag the *real* Applications icon located at the root of your hard drive.
I think this would mark the beginning of Mac OS X being distributed on flash thumb drives. Wouldn't that be cool? Booting from a flash drive. Is that even possible right now? I don't think so. It would be another edge on the competition.
I use my optical drive about 1 day a month. I wouldn't miss it, so long as there was an external solution available.
Apple seems to be getting sued left, right and center the past couple of years. Have they sued anybody that has infringed upon their patents or product designs (other than Microsoft)? Why don't we hear about those lawsuits? Maybe they know that eventually, these infringers will die off, so they just let them be.
With the new standard sidebar in Leopard, Mail should be the application that receives voice memos, not iTunes, when using a Mac.... wouldn't it be great to have a "Devices" section in the Mail sidebar that shows the iPhone when its connected (wirelessly or wired)? Mail needs voice features, period. It just makes sense.
I have 26 apps that stay in the Dock at all times., and I use about 15 frequently. Try that on Windows. ( * always running) 1. Finder * 2. Mail * 3. Safari * 4. Camino * 5. iTunes * 6. iChat * 7. Adium * 8. Address Book * 9. iCal * 10. Console * 11. Terminal * 12. Activity Viewer * 13. System Prefs 14. Calculator 15. Digital Color Meter 16. Free Ruler 17. Transmit 18. Coda * 19. Graphic Converter 20. NetNewsWire Lite * 21. BBEdit 22. Chicken of the VNC 23. Remote Desktop...
I remember organizing my Applications into subfolders, oh, 10 years ago when I was running OS 8 and earlier. But with OS X, I prefer the single-level Applications folder. If more developers would use the Package approach, it would keep the Applications folder very, very simple and easy to use. Spotlight to launch your less-frequent apps, or leave your more-frequent ones in the Dock. It just can't get easier.
$800? $800? $800? Criminal.
At least it's not called "Apple iWork", "Apple iWork Keynote.app", or "Apple Keynote.app".
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