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Sounds like maybe the software update download was incomplete or corrupted. Hence why most of us are not having problems with iTunes and why re-downloading fixes the problem.
Why the hell would I hand over $50 to Rogers to unlock MY phone? I'm on contract with Rogers for the exact same price as people with subsidized phones, but I brought my own!! My phone! And I pay them over $100 a month for my service. A month! Good thing I'm happy with the service. Sorry, but $50 is ridiculous. I'd pay $10 tops. What does the cost cover?
RIP Mr. Sanche. Thank you for everything you have contributed to this world. I shall leave my judgments at the door, and hold only myself to them.
I think what's really important to take away from this is that Apple is positioning tablets (iPad) separately from iPhones/iPod touches. Two different development channels that developers need to target. Different User interface designs for each. A 7" tablet isn't a phone-size device and isn't a handier iPad-sized device. It would make the User Interface design guidelines that Apple is trying to clearly define for their devices messier. I think it would feel like a cramped...
I don't know about dropping the scrollbars. They serve a purpose just by being visible. They indicate how much of the entire document is visible in the window, although I'm sure the world has moved past such things and most consumers wouldn't even have known that. And scrollbars allow you to jump to specific section of the document with a single click. Image doing the same thing using iOS's approach.... pull.... pull.... pull.... stop.... go back a bit.... They'd have to...
That's not how Apple is positioning itself with advertising-driven revenue. As their iAd platform clearly shows, they want their customers to "experience" the advertising. Maybe if iAds migrate to the television screen, then maybe shows paid for by ads will come to Apple's delivery network.I know one thing for sure... I will happily pay $0.99 to avoid mind-numbing time-wasting ads.
$168 for 24 episodes of 7 different shows? That seems fairly reasonable. That's 6 months of entertainment for you and your girl, isn't it? Just think how quickly the average consumer spends $168 in unnecessary gas, coffee and junk food? Cut back on that stuff a little and accept a reasonable price for TV shows.
As a reminder, here's what you responded to:You'll note he left out the word "any" but it was implied. Pre-civilization, nature itself provided rules, laws and policies that governed things. Now-a-days, it still does to an extent, but humans have become more powerful in many ways, hence the need to govern ourselves. There have always been rules, laws and policies in one form or another.
Gas pumps.... that is a scary thought.
EXACTLY what I was going to say/ask. Probably a planned distribution of new products throughout the year. I'll never forget when the Airport Express came out, with no fanfare from Apple. Yet an amazing little product. I suspect the Magic Trackpad is going to be the same type of thing for people.
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