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Since Safari skins can be easily created as 3rd-party apps, it stands to reason someone could come out with a dedicated "dictionary training" app.
Unbelievable. Embarrassment. I feel sick after watching that video.
Slow down there, man. Yearly quarters can be seen from two perspectives:1) annual, where Q1 is January thru March; and2) financial, determined by the companyI doubt the slide that referenced Q1 was referring to the financial quarter.
Apple is selling more computers than it ever has. Apple continues to excel with the iPod / iTunes product line. There is no "demand" to lower the prices. They only do when they want to increase their presence to a larger market. Apple wouldn't be Apple if the price wasn't different, as well. The extra cash they make allows them to do what they do. Honestly, if you were in their shoes, how would you look at it? If you had a business with products in high demand, would you...
I haven't yet seen anyone mention multi-touch. A 3-D interface would be exactly what is needed to fully realize multi-touch, bridging the gap between the computer and the real world for the user. Adding Stacks into Leopard was just a baby step in this direction, and was probably part of this on-going research. You can also see elements of a real-world interface on iPhone, where windows are "springy" and pop in and out, as they respond to your touch. People who say it...
Browsers can support a double-click event, but it's not 100% reliable across browsers, so hasn't been used that much by developers. In me.com webmail, if you have 2-pane view enabled (rather than 3-pane view), you must double-click a message to view it.
Scenario: You run a lawn-cutting business, and have higher margins than the rest of the kids on the block. You're booked solid because people are happy with your service. They are more than willing to pay your price. Would you really think about lowering your margins? That goes against business sense.
I know! Ballmer is seriously an idiot, or he must strategically lie.
It'll be iPhone 3G sold in this last quarter totally more than all of the Blackberry phones sold during the same quarter (all models from Blackberry).
I so thought I was looking at a stretched iPhone! When was that first video recorded? The full Internet is already in my pocket, on my iPhone. Sounds like they're trying to spread FUD, unless that's a very old video.
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