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I think Time Machine was a first sign that the identity of OS X will be shifting away from cat names and will begin using space-related names. Maybe planets or constellations, or even concepts like warp speed.
Ah... the smell of envy. You're just angry because you can't afford to buy AAPL stock, right?
Spoken like a true expert. So which Fortune 500 company did you build?
As a developer myself, I understand just how challenging developing something like OS X can be. It is completely unrealistic for anyone to expect the OS to be "bug-free". There are always going to be bugs, because it's not a black and white situation. Bugs can take many forms - syntax errors, logic errors (drawing the wrong conclusion), GIGO errors (garbage-in, garbage-out), and so on. Then there are other issues related around memory leaks, extra code needed for security,...
The iPhone runs 10.5. It never took a back-seat, just a side-seat. The work done for the iPhone benefited Leopard greatly.
Other way around there, my friend. Rosetta is an intermediary to get PowerPC code to run on the Intel machines. The code runs natively on G4s and G5s.
I've never had a program crash on me. Seems to me like you need to look closer at your particular setup.
Generalization. Leopard seems pretty darn solid to me. Your experience may be different, but don't include me in your conclusion of Leopard. It's a very high-quality product. Not beta.
Glad to see developments in this area. I expect the next version of OS X to better support speech recognition, which falls in line with the need for voice dialing on the iPhone.
Go with WPA instead of WEP. Better security, shorter key.
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