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About time you started getting with the groove. Apple has been transparently upgrading and updating MobileMe consistently over the past several months. With such web-based services, updates can be pushed up without any visible differences to the end users. Just recently, they introduced a brand new and wicked UI for MobileMe, and a Calendar beta is currently underway.
Not too different here in Canada. You can easily pay $60 to $80 just to get the "TV Channel Package" that includes the channels you want, and you end up paying for a whole whack of channels you'll never watch. I vastly prefer the on-demand pay-for-what-I-want-to-watch model that Apple is popularizing. And I don't want to pay with my time. I want to pay cold, hard cash. $0.99 is comfortable since I'd probably just watch 5 shows a week, so that works out to $20 to $25 per...
Please point me to the page detailing this "fact". You said that they "converted" all HD YouTube videos to HD WebM. That would be a huge task with very little benefit other than to demonstrate the VP8 WebM codec. I don't see the reason for this.
You seem to be confusing things. 1) HTML5 video support is not a video codec in and of itself. 2) A plugin is not required for HTML5 video playback to work. Mozilla supports HTML5 video. They don't support the H.264 codec, but rather only Ogg Theora.
That's probably my first thought here. I didn't think her parody was funny at all. But talk about promotion for the iPhone... money can't buy any better.
I'm in BC. Good commercial. Two thoughts... 1) the iPhone truly is a recognizable device now (say that 2 years ago). 2) the iPhone survived a car crash.
Yah, but the icon doesn't really work for me. An icon indicating a 90° rotation would work better than a full 360° rotation.
I'm glad Apple is not interested in becoming a bottom-feeder. Too many junk-slinging companies these days that make money from volume, not quality. Apple is starting to achieve volume by adhering to quality. I admire that.
That's actually a good point. Advertise a new version of their OS with Advertising as a major feature and then charge people for that new OS. On that note, I think "iBooks for iPhone/iPod" to be a lousy "major feature" of the OS... that should just be a separate app....
Opera happens to be a great browser, but doesn't have the mindshare that other mainstream browsers are getting.
New Posts  All Forums: