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GPS doesn't work in Airplane Mode, right? So why did this passenger have their iPhone's GPS enabled. It's fortunate that they did, but it's curious nonetheless. We'll never know the whole story, but it would be scary to think that radio interference from mobile devices might be a factor in such crashes.
It's so crazy how quickly the "non-Apple" side of mobile tech is changing and "borrowing" ideas from Apple. Seems like knee-jerk reactions. Meanwhile Apple continues to cruise along at its own pace, not too worried about what's happening around it. They compete with themselves.
There's another theory. Both Microsoft and Amazon are direct competitors to Apple in mobile. Why not attack them from the underside? Why not embrace and extinguish? Fool them into playing along and then unleash a big surprise that you don't need them anymore? You're self-sustaining with your own technology, your own APIs, your own data centers? Apple needs to start somewhere and it's smart for them to utilize existing infrastructure so they can provide a reliable...
Yah, but it's not about the hardware in this case. And Apple doesn't build the core software needed to run cloud services. They are masters at bringing the experience to the end user. If that means farming out the cloud infrastructure to experienced companies, so be it. As hard as it is to swallow to think that I'm trusting my data to Microsoft, I rest easy knowing that Apple hasn't put all of its eggs in one basket. They never caved into an exclusive contract with a...
Does the CEO of a failing venture need to spell it out? Anybody watching the industry can clearly see what's happening. Apple is cleaning house in the tablet and phone (to a lesser extent) businesses.
They should make webOS open-source... that would be the secret.
A statue of Steve Jobs holding a WiFi antenna, of course!
Efficiency is the art of doing more with less. Fewer pieces of glass means fewer connectors, joins. Doesn't necessarily mean it will be stronger, but maybe the new glass is more durable. We'll just have to wait and see. To me, it seems like a big expense, but it creates news and will create foot traffic. They'll get their investment back in no time flat.
That's been subjective, though. I've been a very happy subscriber for 10 years.To be clear, Sync Services were not mediocre web services. They were very valuable feature built into the OS that's now going away. It's a shame.
Let's hope to hamburgers that they upgrade the Keychain system to support syncing via key-value pairs. Keychain syncing has been one of my most favorite and useful features of Mac OS X for the past 10 years. But I will admit it hasn't been perfect, it's saved my behind more times than I can count.
New Posts  All Forums: