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The original iPod was introduced October 23, 2001. My birthday.
 OK. Please list 3 ways how it's "better". I switched to Chrome for many months and used it as my primary browser. Eventually I switched back to Safari for the tighter OS integration, such as iCloud Keychain.
I'm not happy at all with the "look and feel" of Yosemite. If Apple is serious about this new version of OS X, they have a long way to go to refining its UI.
 Never got LiveStreams right? What planet are you on? Planet Exaggeration? In the past 12 years, I've never had a problem with any of their live streams except this recent one. Every one has worked perfectly. Not sure why they messed up so badly this time, and I'm confident it won't happen again. Someone got their bass canned over it. 
They should figure out how to get their ordering system to open up for each timezone separately. That would distribute the load across time, rather than opening up to the entire world at once.
The first iPhone cost $599. People called Apple crazy and said the iPhone would never sell at that price. Now granted, they did lower the price several months later. But this Fire phone is something entirely different... it's a gimmick in your pocket designed to increase sales through Amazon.
But will it be fast? One of the drawbacks of chip-based credit and debit cards is it actually slowed down the payment process, rather than speeding it up.
I must say, I love the design of this watch. I really, really, really hope that Apple has outdone this with something that we could not expect. With all of this amazing competition, that's a very high bar to reach for, though.
All I can say about Samsung's (same-song) presentation is that it was very awkward to watch. They had some very convincing arguments, but nothing really solid and earth-shattering.
Looks fine on a wrist, but ugly on its own. That would never pass Apple's standards.
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