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 "Lost my energy provider" - hmmmm? what does this mean? Which wifi router are you using in your house? That might be the culprit, not necessarily the Nest alone.
 Yah, that was my first thought, but I believe that using Apple devices in the promo video stems from Google promising to keep their nose out of Nest (i.e. keeping it a separately-managed entity), and also to swoon Apple users. I think the video playback strategy is flawed. The video should be stored "on-device", not stored on Nest servers in the cloud. Far too much trust is being given to these companies.
 I've been a Mac fan because I recognize the love and attention to detail that went into creating the Mac experience. I used to read the manuals that came with Mac hardware and software simply to study their clean, elegant design. (Does anybody remember the Inside Macintosh series?) I don't cleanly fit into either of the above two categories. I am a creative professional that chooses the Mac because it "just works".... or rather "works better for me". Yesterday, I spent...
Isn't it ironic that iOS 9 and OS X 10.11 were both announced at Apple's WorldWide DEVELOPERS conference? Apple is doing tons to support a healthy ecosystem of software (and hardware) development for their platforms. It is unreasonable to expect Apple themselves to be able to create every solution that you expect them to. Just like any company, they need to have a sharp focus, and clearly their many focuses are working to their advantage, and for the benefit of us all,...
 AppleInsider should know better than the leave open such an important detail. To claim in the headline "Apple using 256kbps", without mentioning the codec, and then in the story say that "Beats is using 320kbps MP3", it's designed to create controversy, discussion and, ultimately, page views for ad revenue.
Correction for you – *most* people don't care. But those that do will hear the difference.
This article doesn't do justice. It doesn't indicate which CODEC Apple will be using. Likely 256kbps HE-AAC is better than 320kbps MP3s that Beats has been using, so the new Apple Music streams *will* actually beat this "competitor". As for the songs you have from iTunes, just purchase iTunes Match and all of your songs will be upgraded to 256kbps automatically. That's one of Match's perks.
No other language for Mac, iOS and :apple: Watch development. (how do you insert an Apple logo into these comments without using the Mac-specific character code?)
Colour me clueless because IMAP and Exchange (MAPI) are two different, albeit similar, protocols. Is there something that I'm not understanding about your setup? You either connect via IMAP or Exchange, not a mix of the two. Fill me in.
I still use a Firewire-400 external drive on my 2007 MacBook Pro. Works like a charm.
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