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119,000 vs 27,000 is a huge gap. I do think it needs to be closed, but maybe the secret is lowering the high tech wages. Seriously, who needs $10k every month to have a nice life?
Great! Now I want a sub! Thanks AI, you just had to go and post this article, didn't you? :P
China needs to be launched off to become their own planet. That would solve all of these problems.
Yup, they did that with Google Apps – the online suite of Gmail, Docs, Calendar etc. geared towards business – offering a "free" version, and then a couple of years ago they took that away. This would have resulted in some existing users "upgrading" to the paid version (yet getting nothing extra), taking on new paid users, or leading to users switching providers entirely (which is the group that I fall into). I have two dozen domains set up with Google Apps for email, but...
I don't know. I think this is getting crazy. Call me a "light" user... after 10 years of iTunes, I still only have only 3,000 songs in my library, well below the iTunes Match limit that I'm paying for. That said, iTunes Match has given me plenty of grief... (a) songs disappearing because they are no longer available from iTunes as a purchase, (b) constantly having to sign in again in the iTunes app, (c) streaming not working at all for days from my mobile devices. While I...
I wonder why the comment that you replied to was deleted? Anyway, The use of "entirely on iPad Air 2" is correct. It's referring to a platform, not necessarily a singular device.
Yes, I agree with this to a point. The storage equation is not quite working well. I've already had to walk my gf through upgrading her iCloud storage twice now just so that she can take pics. Yet days later, her Photos app still says that her iCloud storage is full (but it's not). Multiple device restarts has not fixed that. Apple has more work to do.
There's a big difference between iTunes Match and photo storage. iTunes Match stores songs. If a million people have the same song, that song is only stored on Apple's servers once across all users. Huge space savings. But each photo is entirely unique. Huge space demands. I agree that Apple needs to do something to address this cloud storage problem, but I don't think it's wise business sense to just make it free. They are investing hundreds of millions of dollars into...
 The vans are registered to Apple. Has that not been proven? Maybe not.
 I think the way that Twitter handles accounts (ie. handles) is truly insane. You can virtually go to any handle that you can think of and it will appear to be taken, yet unused. If you do come across a registered handle that you want, but it's not being used, there's no way to secure it... at all. This is a huge mistake, I think. A missed opportunity on engagement and account uptake.
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