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Actually, Flash's update process is over-stepping its authority. If Safari is running, but hasn't loaded the Flash plugin, then updating Flash would work properly. But the Updater sees that Safari is running and forces the user to quit before completing the update process. Furthermore, it asks for the admin password, which has always puzzled me since it's locally installed in the current user only, no?
It's really unfortunate that they called this program "Project Zero". That's leading so many new outlets, including this one, to call these "zero-day vulnerabilities", but that goes against the very definition of what a zero-day vulnerability is. Some of these bugs may indeed be known to hackers, so they may be zero-day vulnerabilities, but if Google discovered them, reported them to Apple in confidence, and then granted 90 days before releasing the information to the...
This might not be a fair evaluation. Lots of community questions does not necessarily equate to lots of users, but rather lots of problems.
Yosemite for me has been plagued with poor graphical performance on a 2013 MacBook Air and 2012 MacBook Pro. I see this a lot in Safari. Scrolling a web page quickly results in nothing but white for a moment, and then the page appears. Opening menus in any app, or switching mailboxes in Mail.app can result in the background highlight for the selection to be half on the old, half on the new. I never saw this issue happen with any version of OS X in the past 13 years. It...
For an educational institutional, a multi-platform approach should've always been in play. Selecting one platform for all is as bad as them choosing Windows only for the purpose of streamlining the IT management. Now to drop iPads and only use Google and Microsoft platforms.... I fail to see how that will correct any mistakes. The problem was never with the devices, it's with the people managing the implementation of the devices. The people in charge should've been...
I consider it my ignorance, but I'm anti-Union, as well because employees abuse their "protective blanket", demanding higher wages while working less, knowing they are protected against being fired or bumped out by a more qualified coworker that was hired after them. Unless seniority can be left out of the union equation?
Agreed. I hope the trackpad always has a tactile 'click' to it. I actually preferred the dedicated button below the trackpad. I quite often second-guess myself when clicking the trackpad these days.
USB 3.1 Type-C definitely seems like a well-designed port. Let's just hope they have truly future-proofed it so we're not going through this again in 5 years. The constant changing of ports is so wasteful.   One must wonder where Lightning fits in all of this. Will it remain a proprietary port on iOS devices? I suspect so, unless USB 3.0 has the same validation tech built into it.
Why does this feel like a pre-Christmas commercial? Was it late to air?
And how many people lost their jobs due to "cost cutting"? This is disgusting.
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