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One's gotta wonder how they will handle the Lightning vs. USB-C situation. With both ports being very, very similar, how will they differentiate them to avoid consumer confusion? Could Lightning be seeing the end of its days already?
I don't think "firmware" correctly describes the operating system. Just because iOS lives on an SSD (Flash memory), does that make it firmware?
 Yup, times are a'changin'. 
I miss the Apple that was during the iPod era. Fun was more important than glamour.
I'd rather not see this happen. Each platform has its strengths, and Apple also gets extra sales out of the arrangement, too. Buy a Mac, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, AppleTV... start merging some of these platforms and those extra sales also go away. I think integration is not the same as convergence.
You may find the QPDF utility helpful. It can cleanup and "linearize" (ie. reorganize for faster loading) PDF files with a simple command call. You could build an AppleScript or Automator script to automate this for you. Then you simply drop your PDF onto your script or have it set up as a Folder Action, and voila! .... an optimized PDF! QPDF - http://qpdf.sourceforge.net
And the person in charge of that person for failing to vet the work.
Exactly..! Their very own advertising bashed the iPhone 6 for being bendable, and now they have egg on their face. Just one more reminder that Samsung Mobility* has no class. * I'm now differentiating between the different divisions of Samsung because their electronics manufacturing division is a master at chip fabrication.... and even Apple knows that. They've earned respect in that regard.
Yes, this is a knee-jerk reaction. They failed to copy Apple is this regard... "keep quiet until it's absolutely necessary to speak up".
This is true.... it will be an ideal laptop for many people. So many people have MacBook Airs and Pros that they barely squeeze the potential out of. The new MacBook would be perfectly suited to them. Might not be greater performance, but Apple has achieved greater engineering, and that moves technology forward. We should be grateful. 
New Posts  All Forums: