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Why? This is a legitimate follow-up. I strongly believe that Apple compromised on durability with the 6 Plus. Those purchasing that model will just need to factor its durability into their lifestyle. A 6" slab in the pants pocket probably not a brilliant idea, at least not for hours on end.
"Apple again taps..." ???   It's a friggin' campaign! There's going to be many more these ads using JT and JF. Why dramatize it with "again taps"?
I wonder how this company collects their analytics data? Do they have someone call in and wait up to 20 minutes and then record how long it took? If so, they are skewing their own results by tying up a place in the line. 
 Let's see some others' results before concluding, ok? :P 
A ping test isn't generally influenced by the local device, but more by the network and endpoint that you are pinging, so not a good test of your device. As well, you should do multiple tests from multiple locations to get an average result.
Here's some thoughts.   Don't drop your phone.   Okay, that was just one thought.
The original iPod was introduced October 23, 2001. My birthday.
 OK. Please list 3 ways how it's "better". I switched to Chrome for many months and used it as my primary browser. Eventually I switched back to Safari for the tighter OS integration, such as iCloud Keychain.
I'm not happy at all with the "look and feel" of Yosemite. If Apple is serious about this new version of OS X, they have a long way to go to refining its UI.
 Never got LiveStreams right? What planet are you on? Planet Exaggeration? In the past 12 years, I've never had a problem with any of their live streams except this recent one. Every one has worked perfectly. Not sure why they messed up so badly this time, and I'm confident it won't happen again. Someone got their bass canned over it. 
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