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Bah! Who wants a Galaxy when you can have the whole damn Apple Universe! :P 
So are you pro-Tidal? I can't quite decipher your comment.
So far, so good. El Capitan works like a hot diggety-dog.
So get a backup Mac.
Let's hope that something like ResearchKit keeps a level playing field, and prevents Big Pharma from being too heavy-handed.
66 million computers in 3 months... that's a lot of computers. I can see why Apple is broadening its horizons... there's only so much growth potential in any given market, especially as technology continues to advance and mature. I would argue that it's already far beyond what the majority of consumers could use.
Haha, ya! Writing out cheques (checks, for those of you below the border), I find myself so confused by the loops. It feels like my hand is a foreign object attached to my body, and I don't know how to operate it! :P
Years ago, I had earbuds that snapped together magnetically for storage, so this is definitely not a new idea. And the rubber they used for the cords resisted tangling, unlike Apple's earbuds. That said, I had a habit of chewing on the cord and accidentally split open the rubber to expose the wires inside. So much for those earbuds after that!
 Ignorance, laziness and stubbornness. There... covered all possible reasons.
Who is their right mind at Adobe thought it was a good idea to colour the Flash Player installer a mysterious black colour?  
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