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 Aren't you just Mr. Principles. :-) I will say that the people that I've talked to that jailbreak their devices admittedly do so to obtain free apps that they otherwise would have to pay for. Sad, but that's the truth. People are cheap and will cut corners to save a buck any way they can. I'm not saying that's representative of everyone, but the jailbreak community is no better than the BitTorrent and former Napster communities. People feel entitled to anything digital...
 Are you suggesting that "being Canadian" is somehow a bad thing?
 Can you adopt me? 
 "Gonna lead" the market? They have been the leader since the original iPad.
Why the darker hue of blue? Are they still experimenting with the new UI design? Interesting. I hope this isn't just a matter of the left hand ignoring the right hand.
Anyone else find it unusual that all three searches ("movies", "web" and "sms") produce an equal number of results - 2201? Is that a magic number in some way?
It's great that they have regional TLDs! Love seeing .ca in there!
Mavericks is going to breath new life into my aging 2007 MacBook Pro. It's gonna be awesome! Thanks Apple. And thanks for continuing to set a higher and higher bar for performance of your products. Macs are gonna rule the roost for years to come.
Clueless hacks.
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