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But will it be fast? One of the drawbacks of chip-based credit and debit cards is it actually slowed down the payment process, rather than speeding it up.
I must say, I love the design of this watch. I really, really, really hope that Apple has outdone this with something that we could not expect. With all of this amazing competition, that's a very high bar to reach for, though.
All I can say about Samsung's (same-song) presentation is that it was very awkward to watch. They had some very convincing arguments, but nothing really solid and earth-shattering.
Looks fine on a wrist, but ugly on its own. That would never pass Apple's standards.
I'm a Dropbox Pro customer, so my space was increased to 1TB, plus the bonus space that I already had, so I have 1,057.2GB of space now, and I'm using a mere 3.2% of it. Dropbox knows this. The 1TB number is just a sales pitch. They know that the vast majority of users will never use that much space, so it doesn't really cost them anything.
Yosemite Public Beta doesn't seem anywhere near ready for prime time, either.
I wish American media would stop calling North and South America "the US".... there are other countries there, too, you know? :P
 I agree. I'm surprised they were proud to promote this with such a poor presentation. Couldn't even see the bucket, just some ice cubes and a few drops of water. Overall, a poorly-done ad. Rushed out.
I spent 4 hours today helping an elderly (and very enthusiastic) person with her HP laptop running Ubuntu (after Windows failed to run adequately), an iPad mini, and her Samsung phone. She said she's getting a Samsung tablet so "everything is tied together". We spent 2 to 3x as much time figuring out how to do things on the phone as on the iPad. Yet she seems to be convinced that "going Samsung" for everything is the right choice. Good luck to her! Maybe she needs an ice...
I don't want "minor bug fixes"... I want linked text boxes to be restored! The silence from Apple on this missing feature is deafening!
New Posts  All Forums: