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Not happy at all with the new Yosemite interface. At first glance, it seemed really nice, but they seem to be make some changes for change sake, and it's actually a step backwards in terms of UI refinement. I'm sure it will grow on me, though.
Two broken links in the article? Hmmm.
Editor: The video won't play. Giving all kinds of JavaScript errors.
I am really surprised that Sony is not a bigger and more successful player in the mobile phone market.
I already have the .145 version installed. Looks like it was released prior to today because I don't remember updating it recently.
The Chinese app's design is mimicking Apple's Siri... why would they do that if they were first and better? Hmmmm.....
 I'm confused why this wasn't build "into" the Mac Pro case... it's a "hole" that a cable attaches to. To charge $50 after the fact for this does seem to be a bit of a slap in the face. That was my point. Maybe I don't fully understand how this add-on security cable attachment truly adds value. I accept that. :)
 On the contrary, that video was awesome! I'm normally not a fan of distasteful language, but that video was very entertaining and enlightening. It's a good reminder that we only live once and need to lighten up. I'm not sure why my pointing out AI's typo has created such a stir. You're not the first one to respond to my comment. I'm uncertain why people even felt the need to respond. Small details _do_ matter. A quick re-read of the article before posting it would've...
 I assume you meant:  did "_not_" build a ... ? Proofreading is important.
AGREED!   $50 for a "feature" that should have been part of the machine's design from the start. Inexcusable!
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