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It's so amusing watching this gong-show happening with Apple's competitors... haha!   Thank You Steve for creating an intelligent, competent company, while your competitors scramble for the scraps (of profits).
Exactly! It's suits like this that just waste time and cost money needlessly. The digital music world is a better place largely because of Apple! And the world is not being polluted with as many plastic disks that contain a dozen or fewer songs.
99¢ was the sweet spot for me for songs. When they price went to $1.25 in the Canadian store, I stopped buying music. I know that albums come with a good per-song price, but sometimes I just want a single song. I guess the margins are already too tight to be donating to such causes.
 Not really worth arguing over since I only said "weak", not "terrible", "horrible", or anything truly cataclysmic. Just a few small areas that need some improvements that weren't present in previous versions of OS X.
Why do you need to be rude? I expressed my experience based on 24 YEARS of using the Mac, beginning with System 6.0.8. Since my laptop is in front of me up to 20 hours per day (I'm a self-employed software engineer), even the smallest details can make a huge impact in my productivity. One example is that the application switcher looks absolutely horrible on a white-grey background... the translucent background material is barely even visible, so the app icons don't stand...
Yosemite is weak in the interface design department, but functionally it's just as good as Mavericks, aside from any bugs that aren't affecting me. I think people need to remember that bugs can vary from machine to machine, depending on the model. My Mid-2013 MacBook Air runs flawlessly.
I don't see anywhere that Corning claims the glass is "harder", as AI's headline suggests. Did I miss that? Yes, it's stronger and more resistant to drop damage, but is it actually "harder"?
Can you elaborate on which email provider(s) you are using and your connection to them? IMAP, POP3 or something else? I have 6 email accounts set up, all IMAP, one is iCloud and the remainder are Google Apps-based, and never experience these problems.
 But the owners of these phones also don't care. They just want cheap because they know they can replace with another cheap phone if they have problems. They see the tech world through entirely different lenses than we do. Cheap junk is "good enough" for them.
I think it's a great ad. Effectively highlights the fact that that Apple is not pushing the boundaries of what defines a laptop.
New Posts  All Forums: