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I already have enough grief just using the AI site and its terrible user experience design. Time to scour the HTML and start blocking more ad domains my /etc/hosts file. Sorry AI, but my experience with your News and Forums sites has been less than stellar. When I attempted to contact support about my login issues a few years ago, I went in circles and it was very frustrating. Nothing changed about the login procedures since then. The whole AI website setup is a mess.
Visiting AI this afternoon immediately presented an App Store alert with strange [A] characters all the way through.      With very few options to choose from, I submitted the alert, but then it froze with the spinning beachball. Killing my WiFi connection made it go away.   Has anybody else seen this?
Does this work with FaceTime or Skype? If not, what a huge missed opportunity.
I was rather confused by this article. It says this "channel" has been launched, but then the article says:  So the this channel is not yet live? I can't find it on Apple Music, at least here in Canada. Is it restricted to certain regions? Apple Music sure is confusing to navigate...
I do wonder why Apple even needs investors anymore. They behave like Apple belongs to them. They panic and punish on poor (and unfounded) expectations.
I would love to see a hybrid Mac.... half Intel, half ARM, both CPUs running in tandem... OS X and iOS running in tandem. iOS apps natively on your Mac without sacrificing any of the Mac's current strengths.
Apple's healthy profit margins are exactly how you came to enjoy your Apple devices... because they can afford to invest the time and resources into making it great! Which is more important to you? Saving $50 or having the best experience?
If 16GB is not enough space for you, then you can move up to the next model. How many people buy an iPhone and yet never fill up even 1/2 of the built-in storage? Apple has full rights to cater to the "light use" market, as well, right?
81 million in attorney fees... I hope this was to be shared by 648 attorneys!
New Posts  All Forums: