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Yes, this is a knee-jerk reaction. They failed to copy Apple is this regard... "keep quiet until it's absolutely necessary to speak up".
This is true.... it will be an ideal laptop for many people. So many people have MacBook Airs and Pros that they barely squeeze the potential out of. The new MacBook would be perfectly suited to them. Might not be greater performance, but Apple has achieved greater engineering, and that moves technology forward. We should be grateful. 
A high tax always just causes hurt no matter how you slice it or dice it.
I can understand a tax of 5% or less, but 25%? That's insanity! Is the U.K. wanting to put the companies out of business while sitting on their fat, lazy arses?
I can see it now... fumbling around in the dark, half asleep, wanting a midnight snack... accidentally press the button for something, and wake up the next morning with an order receipt. :P 
Interesting idea, but wow!, do we ever live in a wasteful, ever-increasly-lazy society.
I was able to type so fast on those older MBP keyboards! I liked the cushiony feel, I guess.
It took me a while to adapt to Apple's "chicklet" keyboard... same thing, less key travel, but it seems they continued to tweak the feel of the keyboard. On my 2013 MacBook Air, it feels just right. I still have my old 2007 MacBook Pro, and I do miss the feel of those keys... my fingertips would rest in the nice dips. I'm just disappointed by the left-and-right arrow keys. I wish they would've retained the reverse-T shape, but I guess usability testing took them the other...
Power can only flow in one of the two directions. Video can flow out while power flows in OR out. So, being connected to a hub would let you have your monitor connected while juicing up the laptops.
 Bluetooth and WiFi are independent of each other, separate radios, so that would be 4 ports. :)
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