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$80 for a short adapter cable? Prices are getting outrageous.
The watch battery will last 24 hours for some people. And 18 hours a day is a full day for most people... 6 hours of sleep. Since when is 2am in the morning daytime? The phrase "all day" is perfectly valid.
I agree, completely! The charger should be universal, and if the watch itself has different charging requirements, then the charger should be smart enough to detect those needs. Apple, this is a disappointment!
Different chargers for each size of watch? That's a poor design! First negative thing I've said about the watch.
 It's a community, and there's no excuse for calling someone a 6 year old boy. It's just plain rude. Why should responsible and polite behaviour not apply to the Internet? Anyway, enough of sidetracking this topic... back on topic.
There's plenty of arm and leg straps for the phone. Hardly a concern.
Apple has that covered. Old, shaky people can just stick with the phone then. :P Either way, Apple has made a sale, right? 
 Slurpy, it would be great if you could respond without attacking the person behind the comments. When I read your comment, I actually think less of you than the person you are responding to, and that's a shame.
 I think that is a great example of Apple doing their best to support existing customers. The argument that they force you to upgrade doesn't hold water here. But they still get another purchase from you. It's actually quite brilliant! I still have an iPhone 4 that serves me well enough day to day.
I don't appreciate your tone. You don't know me and you don't have enough info to judge me. All I said was that I have a gut feeling about a change in Apple, a company that I have followed closely for 25 years. I don't need to reveal the specific missing feature to make my point. It's simply my gut feeling that a change is occurring, and yes, the dropping of a feature has directly impacted my work. Just because I am one individual doesn't make this feature any less...
New Posts  All Forums: