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I'm not sure if your comment was meant with a sarcastic tone. Maybe next time I should just keep my mouth shut. I was simply pointing out an ambiguous data format that I've seen Apple using more frequently lately, even as they have become an even more international company.
 Yes, it's obvious, but that wasn't my point, now was it?
They are claiming "Always On"... I wonder if Beats1 will be added to the iCloud Status page. hahahahaha
I really wish Apple would not use the silly American numeric date format 6.30.2015. Tell me which day this is.... 3.2.2015.
But all of the musicians were going to be paid by Apple, just starting after three months. How in the world does playing their music for three months break them? It would be as if Apple simply started the service three months later with three months of advertising their music... for free! It would not have negatively affected any of them... only positively! The people that whined about the three months are delusional.
So you link to an article from an anti-virus company, Kaspersky, to support your beliefs? Are you actually running anti-virus software on your Mac? Do you realize that every piece of software that you install becomes yet another attack vector? OS X doesn't need anti-virus software beyond what Apple is doing, when the computer is used with presence of mind, and common sense. Know your computer, don't blindly trust a third-party company to be looking out for your best...
The timing of Apple's server fix almost proves that media exposure works... a fix just this week, right after XARA was exposed in the media? It's been more than 6 months, so why the sudden magical fix to the server?
Is Amazon actually making a profit from their Kindle adventure?
 "Lost my energy provider" - hmmmm? what does this mean? Which wifi router are you using in your house? That might be the culprit, not necessarily the Nest alone.
 Yah, that was my first thought, but I believe that using Apple devices in the promo video stems from Google promising to keep their nose out of Nest (i.e. keeping it a separately-managed entity), and also to swoon Apple users. I think the video playback strategy is flawed. The video should be stored "on-device", not stored on Nest servers in the cloud. Far too much trust is being given to these companies.
New Posts  All Forums: