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I didn't clue into the name at first, but then I did. My first thought was "CurrentC = Current Customer", basically meaning they can get to know their customers really well through data mining. Then I realized that it sounded like "currency", so it made sense why they stuck with it. But I do believe that this program was never about helping customers... it is all about their own self-interests. #BoycottCurrentC
Exactly! +1 on this!
Like I needed *another* reason to avoid Walmart! Scum of the Earth, they are! Too bad there are too many mindless humans that don't care about anything but themselves.
  Here you go! :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LUjMwiOm8sA
Let me stop you while you are ahead... Microsoft was "contracted" by Apple to create an office suite. Microsoft Excel first launched on the Mac, not on Windows. But in the process of developing that office suite, with privileged early access to the Mac OS, Microsoft took ideas for their own Windows OS. 
You'd think if the internal layout was identical, that they would've upgraded the non-Retina iMacs, as well. I think they didn't because they really wanted to put the spotlight on the new Retina 5K iMac. It's a shame. Feels like they making decisions purely for marketing purposes.
Yah, I'm quite disappointed that Apple isn't providing more detailed Change Notes listing what has changed between each release. Their update notes are far too sparse. Makes you wonder if they are making many changes at all, or just minor tweaks here and there. In my eyes, Yosemite is not an upgrade to Mavericks from a purely visual standpoint. It's a big step backwards, and my eyes are not looking forward to the whiter-brighter, washed-out appearance that is severely...
 There still a surprising number of people that haven't quite moved to the "laptop" way of living yet, and think that a computer needs to be a big box (or not-so-big in this case) sitting on a desk. Lots of people buying their first Mac this way. 
Apple stores your credit card info on your behalf, rather than the merchant. Apple has proven their place within the credit card industry, and most consumers trust Apple to hold their card info. I believe the unique card number that is sent from your iPhone through the merchant and then to the processing company is then used to look up the attached card between the processor and Apple.     Apple <--> You <--> Merchant <--> Processor <--> Apple That means the merchant never...
 I'm sure many others have already answered you. This is not a proprietary payment _process_. It's leveraging industry-standard protocols that raise the bar of security. Yes, the device that holds the information (iPhone and iPad) is unique to Apple, but the process of how payment credentials are passed between that device, the merchant and the card card processor is not proprietary to Apple. ApplePay is simply raising the bar of security through unique one-time card...
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