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It has probably already downloaded the update files in the backup.
Absolutely make _sure_ that you have a safe backup of that content. You can use iCloud backup and iTunes Backup. Wipe the device, do the upgrade, and then restore the content. Might be a pain, but that should work, and would ensure that the device is working as optimally as possible.
 Hardware share and web-usage share are very different numbers. iOS has been shown to have a very high web usage share across all mobile devices. Flash on all of the rest wouldn't have changed this much since clearly Flash wasn't important enough to consumers to choose a non-iOS device. Here are some pretty charts for you from 2013.... and not much has changed since then.http://techland.time.com/2013/04/16/ios-vs-android/?iid=tl-page-mostpop1
 I was simply responding to your suggestion that anybody, at any time, should be able to wipe their drive and start over with a fresh installation of OS X. It's just not that simple. Of course I use cloud services (Dropbox, iCloud, etc.) and backups for all of my data. That's how I've been able to migrate to new machines with minimal effort. But I also have a ton of software installed via MacPorts and manual installations that I would not choose to have backed up or...
 I can live with the ads, but it's all the stupid overlays that people add to the videos that can get annoying. Watching a music video or something, and little popups are appearing all over the video as the author wants you to check out this and that, and over there... so annoying!
 Because some of us don't have the luxury of using our computers just for play. I have 14+ years of data on my 2013 MacBook Air, and it seamlessly migrates to each new machine that I get. No way I could start from ground zero...
Thanks Kasper. I appreciate your response and acknowledgement. As a website developer myself, I cringe at the sometimes poor design of certain sites, and with AI, I've had an exceptionally frustrating experience, particularly with logging in properly. I look forward to the upcoming improvements. :)
Not yet in the Canadian store.
Yup. Analysts quite often don't *care* about Apple, the company and products, only how much money they can make from its stock. Really is sickening to watch that from the outside. Leeches.
Same experience with the website... just to be able to participate in the comments for an article, I need to click through two different pages after the initial article view. Maybe that's intentional to maximize ad revenue? If not, then whomever is behind the user experience design at AI is clueless.
New Posts  All Forums: