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 I'm confused why this wasn't build "into" the Mac Pro case... it's a "hole" that a cable attaches to. To charge $50 after the fact for this does seem to be a bit of a slap in the face. That was my point. Maybe I don't fully understand how this add-on security cable attachment truly adds value. I accept that. :)
 On the contrary, that video was awesome! I'm normally not a fan of distasteful language, but that video was very entertaining and enlightening. It's a good reminder that we only live once and need to lighten up. I'm not sure why my pointing out AI's typo has created such a stir. You're not the first one to respond to my comment. I'm uncertain why people even felt the need to respond. Small details _do_ matter. A quick re-read of the article before posting it would've...
 I assume you meant:  did "_not_" build a ... ? Proofreading is important.
AGREED!   $50 for a "feature" that should have been part of the machine's design from the start. Inexcusable!
 It's too early to know for sure, but the new Photos app, coming next year, may be simple enough for consumers and powerful enough for professionals. Why maintain two separate applications if a single well-designed application can serve both markets? It's a question worth waiting for. 
 But participating in iTunes Festival is a choice. Artists either accept the terms or they don't. Increased promotion at iTunes results in increased sales, which is cash in their pocket, so they are being paid in cash, just indirectly. It's not like Apple is asking them to perform for nothing, and it's not like Apple is pocketing ticket fees. It's a free concert. Apple and iTunes are major forces that re-energized the music industry, creating many very rich artists. Why...
They are being paid. Why does currency have to be cash?
I'm waiting for the day when there's only a single camera module with both front and back-facing lens, taking advantage of the full width of the phone body. Physical mirrors inside could control which lens was "active".
Why isn't Apple's service status page showing any problems? That is my question.
Improvements to Skype are welcome. It has always felt clunky to me, with recent versions feeling less clunky. File transfers are still very weak, but the addition of syncing 'read' status across devices is a huge plus! Viber still needs that.
New Posts  All Forums: