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 I agree. I'm surprised they were proud to promote this with such a poor presentation. Couldn't even see the bucket, just some ice cubes and a few drops of water. Overall, a poorly-done ad. Rushed out.
I spent 4 hours today helping an elderly (and very enthusiastic) person with her HP laptop running Ubuntu (after Windows failed to run adequately), an iPad mini, and her Samsung phone. She said she's getting a Samsung tablet so "everything is tied together". We spent 2 to 3x as much time figuring out how to do things on the phone as on the iPad. Yet she seems to be convinced that "going Samsung" for everything is the right choice. Good luck to her! Maybe she needs an ice...
I don't want "minor bug fixes"... I want linked text boxes to be restored! The silence from Apple on this missing feature is deafening!
 You answered your own question. You said he "gave us so much". But what did we give him? What needs did he have that weren't being met. Who made him laugh when he needed it? I think, sometimes, we forget that these super-humans are still human. Depression is a killer.
Is this headline designed to get clicks? Since when has Apple officially "ignored" calls? It may be that they are still evaluating the situation and working out a plan? AppleInsider, I'm disappointed by your click-baiting here. You've drawn a conclusion without much basis.
 This ad was apparently created by Apple's new internal ad department. Is there evidence saying otherwise?
 Because the competition has finally caught up with "good enough" tablets for the market, many of these super-cheap compromised-experience tablets out of China. You wouldn't believe what is sold in that country! Tablets for $30-$40 even! Yet they are useless!
Way to go, Apple. Shame on your AppleInsider.
Not happy at all with the new Yosemite interface. At first glance, it seemed really nice, but they seem to be make some changes for change sake, and it's actually a step backwards in terms of UI refinement. I'm sure it will grow on me, though.
Two broken links in the article? Hmmm.
New Posts  All Forums: