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 No rotten tomatoes from me. I think the "big release once per year" is a flawed approach that Apple is executing poorly on, when it comes to software. I strongly feel that they should move to a more incremental release schedule for software... small improvements at a regular tick throughout the year. That will allow the software to mature and stabilize. The model they use right now makes giant jumps forward, and that leaves roadkill in its path because then they begin...
If there's going to be a tax charged for moving money from one country to another, it should be applied by the country currently housing the money... not the country receiving the money. That's just so backwards! The US should remove all barriers to money flowing INTO their borders. I seriously don't understand a repatriation tax, or even why this is called repatriation. Does the US think the money somehow originated in the US and now they need to bring it back? Oh, give...
 I'm very confused by this. That money was earned overseas. Why does the US feel entitled to a portion of it? That sense of entitlement is what is out of control. If the US removed repatriation tax entirely, allowed foreign funds to be brought into the country tax-free, then guess what – that money would be IN the country, spent IN the country, and a portion of that spent money would be given to the government in the form of taxes. To tax the simple transfer of money is...
Okay Mr. Kasper... "high quality MP3s" -- ??   The songs were purchased from the iTunes Store, so they were not MP3s.. they were MP4s...
Siri for the Mac would be amazing!
Now if Apple would just bring iTunes Radio to more countries. It's articles like this that annoy me... it talks about features (such as buying songs from this widget) that aren't even available right here in the northern neighbour of the US... Canada.
This is an inexcusable glitch. Seems to be limited to read-only mode, but it never should've happened to begin with. Whomever is responsible for this problem needs to be questioned thoroughly.
It has probably already downloaded the update files in the backup.
Absolutely make _sure_ that you have a safe backup of that content. You can use iCloud backup and iTunes Backup. Wipe the device, do the upgrade, and then restore the content. Might be a pain, but that should work, and would ensure that the device is working as optimally as possible.
 Hardware share and web-usage share are very different numbers. iOS has been shown to have a very high web usage share across all mobile devices. Flash on all of the rest wouldn't have changed this much since clearly Flash wasn't important enough to consumers to choose a non-iOS device. Here are some pretty charts for you from 2013.... and not much has changed since then.http://techland.time.com/2013/04/16/ios-vs-android/?iid=tl-page-mostpop1
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