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Wow, really? Only 1 LAN port in this large device? OK, I withdraw my previous comment about applauding this device. I suppose that the LAN ports are used by only a small percentage of end-users in today's world, but really... how much would it cost to at least have 2 LAN ports?
As much as I detest Google's data-ingesting efforts when it comes to online activity, I do applaud their efforts to make a better user experience on several obvious fronts. From Google Fiber and now this well-designed future-proofed OnHub device, among others, they continue to keep my interest. However, I am moving my email away from them. :)
Not working in my Safari on OS X 10.10 either. And the substitute link doesn't work either. What gives, AI?
I think it's a poor implementation. It should be scrapped and the 4-finger swipe gesture to the right to return to the previous app should be encouraged instead.
Why is this even a user-controlled option? It should be automatic. Just lower the threshold for when a WIFI network is no longer usable. Strange that it would become yet another Setting.
I think the marker of what's considered "being screwed" keeps being moved forward by the very entities that screw us.
   Yah, this is a good example of how the world has become dependent on corporate network providers, which is in stark contrast to what the "internet" was meant to be... a redundant, decentralized network. Let's hope the Meshnet movement really takes hold over the next few years, which will really shine a light on how we consumers can not allow corporate entities to be the gateway connections to our fellow peers anymore.
It's interesting (and good to see!) how they are splitting related functionality across multiple, smaller, simpler apps rather than trying to cram a whole bunch of functionality into one giant app that would be slower to load and more complicated to use.
Bah! Who wants a Galaxy when you can have the whole damn Apple Universe! :P 
So are you pro-Tidal? I can't quite decipher your comment.
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