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As a Rogers customer, I've used their One Number service for a couple of years. For the Mac, there's a menubar application with a counterpart web app that runs the service. You can make and receive phone calls, send and receive text messages, and view past text messages through the service. It works just like a phone, with no added latency. It doesn't use the phone itself, it's an internet-based service, and yes, it counts against daytime minutes, since ultimately the call...
 Obviously we do need to keep going over it because people keep bringing it up in threads like this. Your points are valid, but some are outdated. The motion issue was addressed with successive updates. Did you try those out?  The fact remains that, while 7 was a drastic change, it's not that bad. People are adaptable creatures, and soon you would be right back in the groove of it like you never even used 6 before it. That's the truth.
 Your argument would be MUCH stronger if you gave some actual examples of the "major user interface problems". 
For me, Mavericks feels brand new. I know it's not being replaced by 10.10 right away... probably not until, what.. October? But I think we have officially entered the age of "change for the sake of change".
 Yes, but Apple still wants people to buy Macs. Too bad that the Mac version of iWork is held up by the web and mobile versions. They are trying to maintain feature parity across all three platforms, and progress is therefore very slow.
"Terminal Samsung Galaxy S5" That's really unfortunate. Describing your flagship device as being "terminal", as in terminally ill.
I worked for a startup a few months ago. Usually, one of their big goals is TO be bought up. That's quite often their reason for being.
Poor choice in music, but nicely done ad. Disgusting to say the least, but they are achieving the goal that they publicly stated.
Those Release Notes are impressive. I wish Apple would issue those for all applications.
Speaking "OK, Google" is not working for me on my iPhone 4. Does it require a newer handset for the always-on listening?
New Posts  All Forums: