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I worked for a startup a few months ago. Usually, one of their big goals is TO be bought up. That's quite often their reason for being.
Poor choice in music, but nicely done ad. Disgusting to say the least, but they are achieving the goal that they publicly stated.
Those Release Notes are impressive. I wish Apple would issue those for all applications.
Speaking "OK, Google" is not working for me on my iPhone 4. Does it require a newer handset for the always-on listening?
 Apple dropped the ball with a lot of features, and has been bringing several back with each new release. I've been waiting for ages for them to restore linked text boxes. I think the challenge they are having is the web version of the app. Since they want feature parity across all platforms, then none of them get a feature that not all can support. I'm not sure how they would support flowing text across multiple boxes in a web app, that would be quite a trick! I...
Does she go by "Angel" instead of "Angela" or was this a typo in two different places by the author of this article?
I think the dip in iPads was to be expected. Everyone already has one! They've been selling like hotcakes since they were introduced, and the newer markets that Apple has entered are more budget conscious, so there wouldn't be tremendous growth from them for a higher-priced item. Way to go Apple! You continue to impress on the growth front, even with very conservative product upgrades and introductions.
The chances that a home router would be compromised by a Heartbleed-based attack is slim to none, me thinks.
Auto-Swipe is the wrong name. It should be called Smart-Swipe. The word "auto" suggests that it happens automatically without user intervention, whereas "smart" suggests that it knows what to do intelligently when the swipe occurs.
 I think you misunderstood my post. Samsung is the one that wants to be the king of all. Apple is only the king because they have a successful business model and honourable principles in business ethics, operations and high-class product design. I wasn't saying Samsung should just surrender their desire to overtake Apple.
New Posts  All Forums: