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 I can live with the ads, but it's all the stupid overlays that people add to the videos that can get annoying. Watching a music video or something, and little popups are appearing all over the video as the author wants you to check out this and that, and over there... so annoying!
 Because some of us don't have the luxury of using our computers just for play. I have 14+ years of data on my 2013 MacBook Air, and it seamlessly migrates to each new machine that I get. No way I could start from ground zero...
Thanks Kasper. I appreciate your response and acknowledgement. As a website developer myself, I cringe at the sometimes poor design of certain sites, and with AI, I've had an exceptionally frustrating experience, particularly with logging in properly. I look forward to the upcoming improvements. :)
Not yet in the Canadian store.
Yup. Analysts quite often don't *care* about Apple, the company and products, only how much money they can make from its stock. Really is sickening to watch that from the outside. Leeches.
Same experience with the website... just to be able to participate in the comments for an article, I need to click through two different pages after the initial article view. Maybe that's intentional to maximize ad revenue? If not, then whomever is behind the user experience design at AI is clueless.
So let me see if I understand you.... you want to pay once, and then be able to consume AS MUCH content as you'd like from AppleInsider at their expense? I guess that would depend on how much you paid, or how infrequently you access AI. The pay-once-for-all-you-can-eat model just doesn't jive with the ongoing costs of running a business.
Yah, i always thought that was wrong... I want the choice of what is installed where.
Actually, Flash's update process is over-stepping its authority. If Safari is running, but hasn't loaded the Flash plugin, then updating Flash would work properly. But the Updater sees that Safari is running and forces the user to quit before completing the update process. Furthermore, it asks for the admin password, which has always puzzled me since it's locally installed in the current user only, no?
It's really unfortunate that they called this program "Project Zero". That's leading so many new outlets, including this one, to call these "zero-day vulnerabilities", but that goes against the very definition of what a zero-day vulnerability is. Some of these bugs may indeed be known to hackers, so they may be zero-day vulnerabilities, but if Google discovered them, reported them to Apple in confidence, and then granted 90 days before releasing the information to the...
New Posts  All Forums: