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I wonder why the comment that you replied to was deleted? Anyway, The use of "entirely on iPad Air 2" is correct. It's referring to a platform, not necessarily a singular device.
Yes, I agree with this to a point. The storage equation is not quite working well. I've already had to walk my gf through upgrading her iCloud storage twice now just so that she can take pics. Yet days later, her Photos app still says that her iCloud storage is full (but it's not). Multiple device restarts has not fixed that. Apple has more work to do.
There's a big difference between iTunes Match and photo storage. iTunes Match stores songs. If a million people have the same song, that song is only stored on Apple's servers once across all users. Huge space savings. But each photo is entirely unique. Huge space demands. I agree that Apple needs to do something to address this cloud storage problem, but I don't think it's wise business sense to just make it free. They are investing hundreds of millions of dollars into...
 The vans are registered to Apple. Has that not been proven? Maybe not.
 I think the way that Twitter handles accounts (ie. handles) is truly insane. You can virtually go to any handle that you can think of and it will appear to be taken, yet unused. If you do come across a registered handle that you want, but it's not being used, there's no way to secure it... at all. This is a huge mistake, I think. A missed opportunity on engagement and account uptake.
 Disagree. I recently stopped using Facebook entirely (amazing feat!), and started using Twitter on a daily basis. There are big differences between the two services. With Facebook, I can say "I don't want to see this" (on an advertisement), and it would stop showing me that entirely. No such thing with Twitter... there's so much "noise" to filter through, it still feels very young in its evolution. That said, Twitter is great for keeping apprised of topics and companies...
I think a van covered in cameras should have some identifying marks on them... seems awfully sneaky to be driving an anonymous van around recording everything it sees.... Google StreetView cars are highly visible. How about the other companies?
Hehehe... Giggle.
 No rotten tomatoes from me. I think the "big release once per year" is a flawed approach that Apple is executing poorly on, when it comes to software. I strongly feel that they should move to a more incremental release schedule for software... small improvements at a regular tick throughout the year. That will allow the software to mature and stabilize. The model they use right now makes giant jumps forward, and that leaves roadkill in its path because then they begin...
If there's going to be a tax charged for moving money from one country to another, it should be applied by the country currently housing the money... not the country receiving the money. That's just so backwards! The US should remove all barriers to money flowing INTO their borders. I seriously don't understand a repatriation tax, or even why this is called repatriation. Does the US think the money somehow originated in the US and now they need to bring it back? Oh, give...
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