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Power can only flow in one of the two directions. Video can flow out while power flows in OR out. So, being connected to a hub would let you have your monitor connected while juicing up the laptops.
 Bluetooth and WiFi are independent of each other, separate radios, so that would be 4 ports. :)
It's insane was companies can get away with charging for merchandise these days. Every step along the distribution path doubles the price. The shirt was probably made for $5.00.
I think the word "Outage" is being overused these days with regards to Apple online services.
I think this is awesome. Some guy or gal wanted to have some fun. It's a conversation starter, and even made the news. That's gotta count for something.
Processor architecture began to achieve better performance when scaled horizontally instead of vertically. Increasing the clock speed is a vertical approach. Adding more processors, or what we now called "cores", is the horizontal approach. Computing tasks can be split up and processed by multiple processor cores at once, and the results are combined together much faster than passing that same task through a single processor.
Laying the foundation and doing the framing are huge parts of the project that must be done carefully and correctly. With that done, quite often the rest comes together more quickly. In this case, they will have learned a great deal about the best approach to the process and can rinse-and-repeat until the entire frame is done to the required standards.
 I'm not sure what hidden meaning is in your message, but I hope you do get the chance one day. You can be assured that Apple will be offering public tours of the new facility since it is a world landmark development. 
Same here in Canada. I think they were a bit too optimistic about how profitable iTunes Radio would actually be around the world, and changed directions with buying Beats. Come June, we'll probably see what the future iTunes Radio will be, and it will finally come to more countries.
This was inevitable... you know the programMatic operation of iAds.
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