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Photostream is supposed to remain an option as long as you dont turn on the iCloud Photo Library option. Once you turn it on though, supposedly you cant go back. So if Photostream works for you just dont enable the library and should be ok.
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Did you try the *228 option1 as mentioned above? Again only if Verizon Wireless. Even though you are already "activated" this resolves the contacts list displaying only numeric values on incoming calls and txt messages.
If its a Verizon version dial *228 and option 1 then close the phone app from tasks when it finishes. That solves this issue typically.
Yeah from that I heard Maps is the ONLY feature in iOS 6. I would not update either. Good point.
Actually you have BETA software and as such its not fully baked. But you should already know that. Perhaps you should stick with release versions and only upgrade to the next releases once you read some reviews on certain features you are interested in keeping. Just a thought. Kills me that folks jump to the front of the line to get brand new BETA software then complain about what it lacks days after.
Just to add a few "pennys" here.  So some of you think that all new software and OS should work on ALL previous hardware? Really!?!? No one is forcing you to  do anything. You dont have to update it to iOS 6. You can keep whatever current iOS you have with the current features you have and not buy a 4s or iPhone 5th gen.You currently have 3gs and iPhone 4 because of what is DOES do not what it might be able to do a few years from now. Come on. Anyone out there actually...
Curious but is 80 apps "selective"? Perhaps you should try out of box then maybe 2 or 3 apps until you know if the actual hardware is ok. Just sayin.
Another option is to use the "reset all settings" option then setup as new after the reboot. Run through the wizard. All apps and data will remain but the settings that seem to be screwing up battery after restoring from an older backup seem to get fixed. No restore is needed or should be done. No iTunes is needed. I am thinking the sync from itunes will put your apps back am I wrong? Not a restore but a sync. Anyway If this does not work then I guess you have to decide...
New Posts  All Forums: