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What a moron that Browett, how could apple ever hire him with a micky master retailer on the board ?
google is a racketering enterprise.
This is no Venus, it's an android. Samsung is building it.
Half the members of the democratic congress visited Chavez and denounced Bush, that goes fine by the democrats. Obama lied and people died seems apprpriate now.
Remove our troops from south Korea, they can defend themselves. Enough with protecting them .
We protect them form the north so they can rip us off. Enough now, and Apple stop giving them business, you are aiding and abetting the enemy. Chop them off.
Another un-American judge deciding the fate of the greatest US company.
Steve jobs had such a low opinion of this clown. He has been competing all Along and now how wakes up to it. The surface will be another sink hole.
AT&T paid a four billion dollar break up fee recently, their management is inept.
NYT probably pays next to nothing to its employees. The company is on the verge of bankruptcy, so deperste they need o generate revenues by maligning apple.
New Posts  All Forums: