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If Apple know they're going to sell 10million in the first week and they make 6 million units then clearly sales will be off the hook. Therefore great headlines and higher stock. If they made 30 million units and had 15 million orders, would sales be reported as poor? I'd like to know the projected numbers versus units made.
A6/A5 or whatever, retina, Siri and better camera. Oh and one more thing.... LTE for sure
Yeah the display will be good and an improvement but is that enough to get people to upgrade? Personally, not for me. I can see a lot of people upgrading though but likely cause its Apple rather than this is the thing they've been waitiing for. My iPad 2 screen is fantastic, plenty good enouhg for me. I'm sure a comparison will make me jealous but is that alone enough to make everyone shell out $500-$900 for a new gadget that does pretty much exactly the same? Not...
The question for me is "how do i use my iPad?" At home, traveling and on the go and increasingly for work. Siri? Am I really going to hold up this tablet and talk to it like I do my iphone 4s? Probably not, I'm going to my iPhone. Its not in my pocket and as accessible as my iphone. Plus Siri is so hit and miss with its voice to text translation, its just not a deal breaker until the technology improves...and it will. For people without an iPhone 4s it might be a nice...
I agree. By removing 'mac' it opens up what it can be run on. Eg: a tv. Just like ios moved from a phone to a ipad and touch.
Yes!! I have been waiting for this forever!!!! Forget .mp3 we need Neil Young Format .NYF
I'd like to see a camera on my earphones, magsafe charger, mouse, keyboard and of course my apple remote.
I cracked it way before Steve did. I'm just waiting to see what apple comes out with before I release BouncerTV! It's gonna blow your minds
Fake products, hahahaha awesome!
Yeah... It is. Get over it. What is made here these days? Fat people and guns.
New Posts  All Forums: