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What's funny here is that you could make the exact same post back in late 1998, early 1999 and it would be just as relevant.
The discussion of Blu-Ray after all of this time is amusing. I remember similar discussions when the Mac Pro was first introduced in 2006 when Blu Ray players were first showing up. Apple has held off this long, don't be surprised when you see the same 18x Superdrive as the standard (and only) drive offered.   I'm glad to see the Mac Pro finally getting some attention, though. I've had mine since 2006 and it has been the longest I've owned a computer without having...
Very sad news.
I think you can put the final nail in the coffin for Blu-Ray drives in Macs after that media event speech. Not only did they not mention any type of physical media format like Blu-Ray, they went so far as to remove the CD/DVD from the iTunes 10 logo. The new Apple TV highlights why we won't see Blu-Ray drives as well. With Airplay, Apple could have made streaming Blu-Ray movies from your Mac one of the key features of the AppleTV and also the iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch. That...
This is true, but in all honesty, do you expect the functionality of the new devices to change that much from what we've already seen? What do you expect that the new iPod will do other than have a new form factor and possibly hold more data? Yes, it will be undoubtedly 'cool', but without a significant change in features, it won't have the same type of buzz as something like the iPhone 4 or a new iMac design (aka, things people are more willing to risk their jobs for).
The original point I was responding to was that customers are buying less and less physical media, and I believe it is because the cost of the media is so high. I remember how my folks balked at DVDs initially because of the cost over VHS tapes of the same movie. Yes, DVDs were of a much higher quality but when people are used to spending a certain amount of money on a movie, it's a hard pill to swallow when you're paying double for a different type of media, despite any...
Yes, when new release movies are on *sale* they can be around $25 a pop. But the list price for most new releases is $39.99. That seems excessive to me and therefore I just don't buy the movies.
You should have seen Future Hardware 10 years ago.
The is the Future Hardware forum on AppleInsider, that's what we do here!
That's my guess as well, and I'm guessing it will justify Apple's position on Blu Ray (aka, supporting Blu Ray would cost them content on iTunes, etc).
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