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This has been like this as far back as I can remember. There's been a note on the Apple Store page since the card was added saying that it 'might delay your order'. While I'm hoping there will be new graphics cards available soon, I wouldn't count on this as a sign.
I haven't been to an Apple Store in a while since the nearest one is in Salem, NH and I don't want to burn a half a tank of gas to get there and back. The last time I was there, I wanted to get a new AC adapter for my PowerBook G4. I called in advance and made an appointment at the Genius Bar and told them what the problem was. They said that they had AC adapters for the TiBook in stock and to bring the computer and the old frayed cords with me when I went. When I got...
The E6700 is a Conroe processor.
It's not going to happen. We'll probably see improved integrated graphics but that's about it.
This is a little overdramatic I think. You make it sound like the sky is going to fall if Apple doesn't offer the Mac you want. Meanwhile, Apple just posted a record $770 million profit for the March quarter and sold over 1.5 million Macs. http://www.apple.com/pr/library/2007/04/25results.html
Given the number of times I've read a thread on this topic in the last 8 years, I can safely say I'm not exaggerating.
So because people are playing devil's advocate, they're somehow connected to 'Appe's hive mind' and are unable to think for themselves? The point that is always made by this topic is that people don't want to pay so much for Apple's Power Mac or Mac Pro towers. People want the same expandability, similar speed, the same options, and sometimes even the same case. But they want this at half of the price of the existing towers. People point to Dell, IBM, HP, etc. to make...
Since we already have a topic about this, I'm going to lock this one.
Did you miss the post I made about this? One 2.0 GHz Dual-Core Intel Xeon 5130 1 GB RAM (512 MB x2) 250 GB 7200-rpm Serial ATA Hard Drive NVIDIA GeForce 7300 GT 256 MB One 16x SuperDrive No Built in Wireless (Airport/Bluetooth) Apple Keyboard and Mighty Mouse (Wired) Mac OS X 10.4.9 No Monitor $1699 That's the Mac Pro with the same type of processor, but only one, and everything else is direct from the stock 2.66 GHz Mac Pro. Same architecture, same case, the same possible...
It's was Apple's plays for Mac marketshare that got them into trouble in the first place. Heck, I used to think and hope that Apple would turn things around and start making major gains in market share for the Mac. After all, increased market share meant increased software support for the Mac. But to a certain extent, I was all wrong. When developers were abandoning Mac support in the mid to late 1990s, it was because 'Apple was doomed'. There was the real possibility that...
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