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Have you tried publisher's websites? Some still have links up for their old games but you have to search for them. Of course, many publishers and developers have come and gone since the PS1 was in it's prime. [Hmmm]
[quote]I doubt Apple will announce the 970 until they are ready to ship machines - which likely means July.
If they can have a Power Mac with the 970 out at Macworld New York, ready to ship, I'd be 'wowed'. But any longer than that, and they really have to at least announce them so they don't lose more customers.
Tell them that the Mitsubishi is unacceptable as first of all, it doesn't have a USB hub built in which you need, and second of all, you shouldn't have to settle for a non-Apple product. If the only thing they can do is fix the monitor, let it be fixed one more time. Then if it isn't good when you get it back, call back to the same guy again and say that it still isn't fixed, you are very upset with the service, and then you should have a great case for a new Apple brand...
Don't worry about it. Great minds think alike.
[quote]There is precedence for this. Remember how Jobs unveiled the iMac in what, April, May? when it wasn't going to ship until August. Generated enormous interest and preorders. It would be way cool if he were to do it again for the 970s.
I couldn't have said it better myself. Oh wait a minute, I did.
The stage: Macworld New York. The date: July 16, 2003. To start out, all of this is purely hypothetical. We don't even know if the Power PC 970 will be used in Macs, even though we are hoping it will be. Heck, we don't even know if there will be a MWNY. So this is the big question: If IBM could commit a good number of processors to Apple that could be put into machines that would ship in late September or early October, should Apple announce the 970 Power Macs at...
Whoa! Much better than I ever imagined! :eek:
Wow. I was so confused when I opened this thread. 2-27-02. It took me a while to figure out that it was last year's post. As for mod/admin birthdays, mine's probably next after Jon's. March 16. Happy Birthday fearless leader. [ 02-26-2003: Message edited by: Fran441 ]

Yeah. Moving to CH.
Yeah. Moving to CH.
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