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I think the samsung commercial will show images of people unable to order their new phone through a web site and then cut to how easy it is to order a samsung phone.     I really hope someone spoofs this mess showing how the site was down because of all the pre-orders. It would be great to post it in replies to Android fans trying to say how awesome they are.
 Agree. I finally used the app and got the we will send you an email message. Time for bed. 
$40 upgrade fee per phone charged by ATT? $20 per phone when I bought my 4S. What a bunch of a-holes.
ATT site is crushing under the pressure also. Can't select any options so that I can place an order. 
Still down for 30 minutes now. I forgot how much it sucks to be up at 3am. Apple must want me to remember this for a while.
Wonder what samsung commercial they will make for this?
come on Apple. Hard to believe ATT site is letting people order before the Apple site. silly
Probably everything from Aperture will be available in the new Photos app. Everyone will get the Pro tools for free if true. I wouldn't worry until we see what the Photos app will do.
Finally, makes sense to sell Apple gear there. Maybe we will get the iTunes cards again also.
The MacBook Pro with Retina has fans that are not designed to work in this vertical configuration. I had a book arc and the fans make a clicking noise when your setup is like this. After swapping my new machine for another brand new MBP and seeing the same problem the issue escalated all they way up through to the Apple hardware team. After research they confirmed that there is an issue with the fans in this configuration and that there would be NO fix.   If you don't...
New Posts  All Forums: