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I have yet to see where any of these altercations were not involved with someone who was not involved in a previous crime. If they had stayed out of trouble then there would not have been a problem.    I really think we need a shoot first system instead of this BS we have going on now. If a cop tells you to stop then frigging stop.   Contrary to what the media makes it seem like, cops don't want to have to cuff you and haul you to jail. Cops would much rather: a)...
Hands up.... for hand outs!
Wish I was an employee at Apple. It seems like this new building is going to be a cool place to work and play.
I should sue the DVD industry for making me use a DVD player to play MY movies. I should be able to play my DVDs on an 8mm projector if I want to. They are my movies.
If Apple is partner in Rockstar then wouldn't that make Rockstar a practicing entity?
I guess if the emails were in the cloud they would have been safe? LOL
Makes me want to get a MasterCard for a chance a winning something. I'll probably stick with getting cash back on my other cards though.
So far so good. Everything updated and running fine.
I think the samsung commercial will show images of people unable to order their new phone through a web site and then cut to how easy it is to order a samsung phone.     I really hope someone spoofs this mess showing how the site was down because of all the pre-orders. It would be great to post it in replies to Android fans trying to say how awesome they are.
 Agree. I finally used the app and got the we will send you an email message. Time for bed. 
New Posts  All Forums: