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google thieves. can't innovate so steal!
i hope it comes in the brown color
i think they should get rid of all tax deductions across the board. Mortgage, child, everything. secondly I think if you have a kid you should pay a huge extra tax to cover the teachers that basically have to raise them. Maybe then parents might participate a little more in raising their kids. I'm sick of paying to have some gangster wannabe get free daycare and making life miserable for kids that want to learn. Especially irratating since I don't have kids. Just...
With a new stock high today Apple should buy InterDigital while the getting is good.
i have never had a piece of technology worse then the Acer laptop I purchased. I hope they go out of business so no more people have to suffer.
I think the current iCloud setup is just the start to work out any bugs. Once that period is over Apple will let you move your video to iCloud and add a music streaming service. My prediction anyway.
IANAL but I believe that Apple would have to license the LTE tech the same as NOKIA had to license parts of their technology. I would much rather have Apple taking in the license money then paying it.
I was thinking the same thing. If someone has to win I hope it is Apple.
Does anyone know if Apple will be providing a live stream for this today?
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