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IANAL but I believe that Apple would have to license the LTE tech the same as NOKIA had to license parts of their technology. I would much rather have Apple taking in the license money then paying it.
I was thinking the same thing. If someone has to win I hope it is Apple.
Does anyone know if Apple will be providing a live stream for this today?
I have almost 200G of music and movies and never had iTunes crash in windows. It is also snappy considering the amount of data. I run iTunes on a 2005 laptop. The memory footprint of iTunes on my Windows laptop is always in line with some of the MS programs like Outlook or Internet Explorer. Sounds like you have some conflict going on your machine.
+1. Everything i have seen of modern unions makes me disgusted.
I want to be able to send in all my DVD movies and have them give me access to an iCloud version instead that can be streamed anytime I want.
Good call. That makes a lot of sense.
If MS can have Windows then Apple should get App Store.
Shipping is 2-3 weeks as of 8:30am. Must be selling them fast
Yes, please send the check to me and i will take care of it.
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