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I wish Verizon would get the iPhone in time for Christmas. I would love to see the new version of the misfit toy ad.
I think AT&T just wants to sell the phones they don't have to subsidize as much.
This is great news. Java for Mac was always going to be far behind the latest release of Java for Windows. Hopefully now Oracle can start to keep all Java versions in sync.
Started getting warnings about using too much data from GMail and the only way to solve it was to purchase one of their business plans. It wasn't that i got a lot of mail but I did have a lot of devices syncing. If i have to buy something I was going to get something with extra features I thought were useful and someone that can be talked to for support if necessary. That is why I signed up for MobileMe. GMail did its job when it worked though.
I needed a windows laptop and I found an Acer with great specs. What a piece of crap that machine was and not because of OS that was on it. Acer probably has 0 credibility with anyone that has had to use one of their products.
I can't believe some #$@@# lawyer hasn't filed a class action case yet.
Just bought an ATV box. Sometimes it sucks not knowing what is in the pipeline. This new box sounds like it will be awesome.
I agree with this decision. Makes sense to me.
The important question will be how many people choose an Android phone over the iPhone when they are on the same provider. I also wonder if tethering will be allowed on the Android while still being denied for the rest of us iPhone users by AT&T.
I bet this is going to open a whole new world to comic and comic book publishers. Can't wait to see what happens. To have the complete Calvin and Hobbs collection on an iPad would be nice.
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