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It is going to be nice to get all the album covers. Pain to keep pilfering Amazon.
well if MS tries and fails then I think that will be the end of all the serious competitors.
pro-abortion. could care less about other peoples sexual preference. Have read parts of the Bible but not the whole thing. Do not own a gun. You don't have to agree with all of the President Bush's ideals to be a Republican. Come join the party.
No. Democrats should give up now and save money for the next election.
Person on boat says Kerry injured himself Enjoy
A democrat upset by flipping.
Maybe it stuck in his mind since he realized it was a self inflicted wound. Kerry is a joke. Bush in '04.
I drive an SUV but its not mine so that means I love the environment. Sincerly John "Flipper" Kerry.
I like that idea. Sounds like a good compromise. To bad the dems and reps can't bring an idea like this up. I see a potential problem in that the cost of the US lumber would become considerably more than lumber imported, I expect. It is not like a Mac where the improved quality of your product can command a higher price. Any thoughts about dealing with that issue?
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