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Maybe it stuck in his mind since he realized it was a self inflicted wound. Kerry is a joke. Bush in '04.
I drive an SUV but its not mine so that means I love the environment. Sincerly John "Flipper" Kerry.
I like that idea. Sounds like a good compromise. To bad the dems and reps can't bring an idea like this up. I see a potential problem in that the cost of the US lumber would become considerably more than lumber imported, I expect. It is not like a Mac where the improved quality of your product can command a higher price. Any thoughts about dealing with that issue?
It's someones fault. Are you desputing that the CIA is supposed to be giving accurate information to the politicians?
Isn't that part of what the CIA was supposed to be doing, research. The information pumped out of the CIA was supposed to be accurate. Calling politicians idiots for using what they expect to be accurate information is inaccurate. You feed bad data in you get bad data out. Maybe the government should start using AO for their info and do away with the CIA briefs.
Sammy please tell me what your definition of the Bush doctrine is? Thanks
Maybe some wackos figure out a way to take out all the canidates. Who the hell knows. Does a disaster need to happen before people can prepare. If you'd call losing all the canidates a disaster
All they were trying to do was make sure that they have answers for any potential situations that may arise. They have the answer and the election day isn't going to change. Good we can move on. The way sammy can change a simple topic into a Bush conspiracy is quite comical I must say.
I'm from NC and edwards has not done jack for the people in this state. He is worthless.
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