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Haven't had any issues with my AT&T service either. Been very happy so far.
I'm surprised Apple doesn't have some IP associated with Android. As an Apple share owner I'd like to see them make some money off of the competition.
My new Macbook Pro should be here tomorrow. Haven't had a Mac since the IIci was the latest. Not only a switcher but a developer moving to Mac. Can't wait until I can get away from Windows completely.
Can't wait to go in and ask how to install and use safari.
There will be some selling after running the stock up before the iPhone release. I just keep holding on. I finally bought some AAPL last year and I'm waiting for it to split for me.
Glad to know it is legal. As an Apple shareholder I think this practice should stop.
A top of the line video card and windows drivers so you can boot into Windows and play the latest games when you want. Do that and I wouldn't hold out on getting one of the laptops. Also, make a dock for the laptops. Silly to have to unplug a bunch of cables. I just have to press one button with my dell and its dock.
just ordered the 80, should be here next week!!
It is going to be nice to get all the album covers. Pain to keep pilfering Amazon.
well if MS tries and fails then I think that will be the end of all the serious competitors.
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