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Seems like a loss for Apple. Apple probably should have picked them up.
Awesome. I was thinking all in one card concept but this is probably a more feasible option.
Go Rockstar! If this works out for Rockstar then Google is going to have a major problem.
Am I the only one that does not want to make in air gestures to my phone? Eye tracking? You had better not blink! What happens when you are in the dark? 6 battery sucking cameras and the processors to run them? There goes battery life.
Cool. Maybe he can get Tesla to do more Apple-Tesla collaboration.
This sucks. The mobile share plan is more than my "grandfathered" plan. The rep went through the numbers with me trying to get me to switch to mobile share and when the numbers showed the mobile share was going to be another $40+ she still asked me if I wanted to switch. I guess I am stuck with ATT also. Unfortunately all the cell carriers do (or will be doing) the same crap. 
Nice of Samsung to package up all the prior art for this. Hope they don't try and patent anything.
Great patent. This is definitely something I can see Amazon wishing they had thought of. hmm, Apple should do something to extend iBeacon to prove a device was present somewhere. Think scavenger hunt where you have to visit certain locations. You find the location and the token providing device and then you get a token proving you were at that location transferred to your device. You could use at trade shows, outdoor events, or something similar. You read it hear first...
Bawhaaa, that is just sad. LOL
The adoption rate is amazing for an OS.
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