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The Next Big Thing is here states Samsu.... I mean Apple.
That sucks. I used the cards app a few times and was happy with the result.
When I tried VMWare a year ago it was very buggy compared to Parallels so I didn't switch. Since then I've had to use Parallels phone support once and they were able to work with me right away and resolve the issue I was having. The Parallels updates seem to keep making the application better. I'll stick with Parallels even though I think the upgrade price is a little high.
Get Sunday ticket and I bet a lot of people will get on the AppleTV. Do not let Google get it Apple.
yeah, but I want the iTunes version so it shows up in the purchased list on my apple tv. I don't want to have to start up a separate app.
Dang, the HP collection can up for $10 in the store and when I try to complete purchase it says item is currently being modified and stops me. Oh well. 
Since I have most of the bundles on dvd I wish I could just bring in my DVDs to the Apple store and trade them for digital copies. I mean Walmart already lets you do something similar although you don't get an iTunes code.
I wish they would give you a deal when you already own 1 or more of the movies in the bundle. Something similar to complete my album.
I think you want the cloud storage because then the thief can't steal the device along with any evidence that it may have captured.
  I have been watching them and they have some amazing new stuff. All the new scene kit APIs are going to make for some really cool apps to be coming out in my opinion.
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