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They should probably add a virtual attendance option. Pick your sessions and watch live with the ability to submit questions. I wonder how many tickets go to reporters just trying to get into the keynote.
That money must be going into a black hole because every analyst seems to say Apple has nothing planned for the future. ... Idiots.
Am I the only one who has not seen any issues with iCloud? I have never had any issues when any of these reports say I should be. I am on the computer for the better part of every day so you would think I would see some issue.
I saw in a popup ad a rumor from a guy who heard from a guy on the internet that heard from his girlfriend that worked with a guy that was in a bathroom stall when he heard someone that he swore was Tim Cook talking to himself. Tim definitely said that Apple is going to give every long Apple shareholder 1 million dollars just for being loyal.
malta that was a waste of space, it says nothing in there about quality requirements of an app. Google is evil.
  If they are going to stick to standards why fork? Google has something new they want to control and not be a standard apparently. 
This patent should have held up. Sucks.
Sounds like a pain. I'd rather Apple just buy back stock so those of us who are long continue to benefit.
Apple maps work great for me. I haven't had any issues.
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