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malta that was a waste of space, it says nothing in there about quality requirements of an app. Google is evil.
  If they are going to stick to standards why fork? Google has something new they want to control and not be a standard apparently. 
This patent should have held up. Sucks.
Sounds like a pain. I'd rather Apple just buy back stock so those of us who are long continue to benefit.
Apple maps work great for me. I haven't had any issues.
Market manipulation. I wish I had money to by more Apple at these levels.
Since Apple is the only one with real sales numbers they could be at 100% or 90% of the market, 71% is too low.
4S restarted and still can not flip switch.
Where are S3 shipment numbers coming from? I was unaware that any manufacturer other than Apple reported actual sales.
New Posts  All Forums: