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  It does not clean the air effectively but it needs to be cleaned all the time?    I had a similar ionic air cleaner, seemed to work pretty good.
Especially since Android has the malware market cornered.
I like Scott, he seemed to know what he was doing. I though he did a great job at the keynotes. Too bad.
I rather the upgrades just be cheaper so I don't feel like I am getting the shaft on the upgrades. It is a pain to shop around for the best price on RAM, SSD and then install it.
This windows 8 interface seems useless for getting work done. It is designed for touch screens and is going to be a complete cluster to use with a mouse from what I can tell. What work computer users are going to give a damn about having social media, photos, music, etc on the start page. At least I don't have to upgrade.
KeyboardGate. better dump all your Apple stock :>)
Go get them Microsoft.
Good. Apple maps are only going to get better. The more Apple can compete in Googles areas the better.
Drove from Florida to NC and had no problems with the iOS maps taking me directly where i need to go.
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