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Market manipulation. I wish I had money to by more Apple at these levels.
Since Apple is the only one with real sales numbers they could be at 100% or 90% of the market, 71% is too low.
4S restarted and still can not flip switch.
Where are S3 shipment numbers coming from? I was unaware that any manufacturer other than Apple reported actual sales.
  It does not clean the air effectively but it needs to be cleaned all the time?    I had a similar ionic air cleaner, seemed to work pretty good.
Especially since Android has the malware market cornered.
I like Scott, he seemed to know what he was doing. I though he did a great job at the keynotes. Too bad.
I rather the upgrades just be cheaper so I don't feel like I am getting the shaft on the upgrades. It is a pain to shop around for the best price on RAM, SSD and then install it.
This windows 8 interface seems useless for getting work done. It is designed for touch screens and is going to be a complete cluster to use with a mouse from what I can tell. What work computer users are going to give a damn about having social media, photos, music, etc on the start page. At least I don't have to upgrade.
KeyboardGate. better dump all your Apple stock :>)
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