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You have to do nothing to stay in the class but if you want to opt out you have to send a letter. I think that should be illegal. You should have to request to be in the class.   
These stores can definitely use some more space. Every Apple store I have been to has been too crowded. My wife hates to even go in one now because they are so crowded. Good problem to have to deal with especially if you are a shareholder.
ATT already charges some BS upgrade fee, i think it was $18 per phone when i upgraded to the latest 4S. The fee is for them to update their customer records. You know, the records which already have all my information. Nickel and dime @#$@#$@. When i asked them to wave the fee they refused and when i asked what it was for they said it was also for them to pay employees at the store to help me decide what phone is best for me. I never even talked to them before...
Love my MBP and Thunderbolt monitor. Beautiful.
Had one in cart on day 1, should have pulled the trigger.
Finally!!!. This is great news.
Ditto. Been waiting on getting this net version as my first iPad. Bring it.
I added the Crucial you are looking at. It was the best\\cheapest I found for that size. It works great. So weird and wonderful not to hear any disk noise.
Bring it, I'm ready to buy my first iPad!
Sorry, i must have missed where Apple has been proven to have stolen anything?
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