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I hope this sticks. I remember Samsung coming out with some tag line along "The device Apple tried to block". Everything after this is going to be "The device we tried to copy but were found guilty of illegally copying". I can't wait to beat down the trolls.
I signed up. Can't hurt to see what how it works.
Taller not wider would mean that most iPhone appliances should still work with the newer iPhone. I believe this is why we are not going to see a wider phone. Unless they plan on making some weird doc adapter.
I'm slowing replacing my DVDs with iTunes purchases. Great to finally have the ability from Apple to have my purchases in the cloud. I would think many other people are doing the same thing. Similar situation with all the noise about how people didn't want to own their music so iTunes would fail. See how that worked out.    
If Apple needs data I hope they make an easy way for users to contribute. I think it would be cool to be able to go somewhere with your phone and say, "Hey that don't have data here yet, let me contribute real quick". Next thing you know your contribution starts showing up in the mapping.    Just seems odd that there is not an easy way to contribute to maps with all the smart phones out there.
I use FaceTime whenever I can. Works great on all my Apple devices: Mac, iPhone, iPad. The iPhone/iPad never caused me any problems with shaking.   
You have to do nothing to stay in the class but if you want to opt out you have to send a letter. I think that should be illegal. You should have to request to be in the class.   
These stores can definitely use some more space. Every Apple store I have been to has been too crowded. My wife hates to even go in one now because they are so crowded. Good problem to have to deal with especially if you are a shareholder.
ATT already charges some BS upgrade fee, i think it was $18 per phone when i upgraded to the latest 4S. The fee is for them to update their customer records. You know, the records which already have all my information. Nickel and dime @#$@#$@. When i asked them to wave the fee they refused and when i asked what it was for they said it was also for them to pay employees at the store to help me decide what phone is best for me. I never even talked to them before...
New Posts  All Forums: