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Installed Fusion 5 today and imported my parallels vm which all went smoothly. Fusion handles somethings better but fails in other ways. Running in full screen and then using gestures to switch to OSX desktop and back causes the cursor to jump to the upper left corner of the screen in Fusion, annoying. Ran Fusion for a while and then all my MS Windows windows started flickering because of some other bug. Can't get support without registering but then the vmware website...
Been using parallels for a while now. Since Fusion has an import feature, I think I will give it a try and see if it works any better.
That is a really smart move. Should nip this fidler crap in the bud. Should.....
research and development costs. LOL
$50 is an awesome deal for a 4s. Can't go wrong at that price.
Same here
You obviously have never used Safari. I'm even using Safari when in my Windows environment now because it works so well.
    Agree. Apparently there is a significant demand for these mini tablets so it is in Apple's best interest to make sure it is filled by them. Go Apple!
I hope this sticks. I remember Samsung coming out with some tag line along "The device Apple tried to block". Everything after this is going to be "The device we tried to copy but were found guilty of illegally copying". I can't wait to beat down the trolls.
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