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I totally see the olympians using the free samsung with apple logos..
well... i was told that one of the stores in Shanghai has the 2nd best sales numbers next to NYS..
so, it recognizes it as 1333 and runs at 1066? cus in the system report, the speed says 1333..not like it matters, but I'm happily fooled. haha
in reply to my own thread... iMac 27 http://forums.appleinsider.com/showthread.php?t=143516 COMPUTER: iMac 27 , Late 2009 2.8GHz i7 ATi Radeon 4850 512MB OS X Lion 10.7.3 replaced with Kingston 4gb PC3- 10600 204-pin SODIMM was: now: not sure if it still runs at 1066, but with 8gb more, the computer runs smoother & cooler.. i suppose.. got the 16gb for under 100 bucks.. well worth it IMO!!
so.. i just bought Kingston DDR3 1333 4x4gb it is working fine right now!!! woot! and it even shows the speed at 1333.. in "about this Mac" it reads: where as it was reading does this mean it runs at 1333? or it just says that?? TIA
thanks, appreciated !!
guys, need your help here.. I'm running on only 2x 2gb DDR3 1066 of ram on my i7 27inch, late 2009 2.8 GHZ what is the cost efficient way to upgrade ram? since 1333 and 1066 cost about the same now.. I was thinking to buy 4x4gb 1333.. and throw the 2gb out.. I am so confused after the researches.. can someone give me a direct answer? hah thanks in advance.
same problem on the 64gb Canadian spec unlocked phone...
replaced with a referbrished screen...
man... still can't deside if this is worth its asking price.. half what a PS3 costs?? come on! there has got to be a cheaper solution...
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