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Marvin, thanks for the help! like i said.. i've no idea what caused this to happen. I want an explaination from apple!, furthermore, i want their solution.. even if this is a DIY fix. I'll follow up with this when i do get their reply. cheers!
dont' think they move.. and i'm getting a headache by looking at it too closely.. haha. it's hard to take a real clear pic of it; they do look like water spots. here is the lonely one on the left side..
meh. 2.8 Ghz i7 iMac 27".. any idea what caused this to happen? I'm expecting a new screen from apple, and nothing less.. anyone has the same issue?
apparently the 500~600 scalpers in Shanghai has the apple store surrounded; not letting any Apple employees out. A server glitch had happened earlier unlocking the once locked iPhone sales status. ... so the scalpers flooded to the store wanting their orders of iPhone4.. don't have pix now.. but will see if i can get them
.... how about that wifi SD card? does it work on the iPad?
iPad mini? how many times can they repeat this marketing idea.. if it is borderless... maybe.
this news never gets old..
"an" HD is correct.. a huge H is used there. and pronounced as "EH-CH" "E" is a vowel, so "an" is used. a BMW M3, an M3, an audi S4, an S4.
i already know the locations in Shanghai,
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