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hum... yes, same search result and all.. but more efficient. we've had search engines decide what's on the top for too long, where as i think some info can be paralelle.
this is basically using the internet as brainstorming in reverse!! http://gizmodo.com/5488641/pivot-sho...ng-serious-ass uh.. ok.. came across with this from gizmodo, pretty sure most ppl reads that on here. getting mixed comments on their reader's comments; mostly "this is cool / that sux" anyhow, can we have a more serious discussion on this particular idea, on appleinsider? I think the UI needs some work, but the general idea seem promising. I see...
wow.. Thanks for the inputs!! thanks wizard69 for breaking it down for me. been really helpful! (and others too!) iMac + iPad combo it is then... hope i can skip the laptop usage when the dual arrives.
sorry, did a light search on this topic only.. was gonna pull the trigger and buy the iMac 27.. but then suddenly.. I thought i should ask the forum when do ppl think uSB 3.0 will appear on macs? tia should i wait?
when was the last time that apple did this?
16gig for base model? what's this? 2003? there is no sd card slot just for the price reasons..
can i carry thing thing around my neck? or.. how else ....
rubbing this magic backing recharges the batt. yarrr?
well said..thaz why the anticipation is high and expections are even higher. I really don't care how much it costs, if it makes my everyday life more efficient; I'd pay it at any price. so before they reveal it.. i won't judge if it is "pricy"on that note.. I fail to see how they going to fill the gap between a notebook and an iphone. Perhaps you say it's a "multi-touch netbook?" , Gee, let me see, so do i give up my phone and carry this with my laptop? or do i give up my...
so.. by the end of 2010.. i can get an apple tablet? heh.. looks like the chrome OS is an ideal OS for ANY tablet.. wut will apple do?... OR.. what do they have something better up in their sleeves?
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