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1st batch is gonna be ok? .. hahaha
my only humple requirements, -smart way to sync with a new portable apple product physical keyboard -no plastic backings. (CF is ok) yah.
how many are actual BB converters?
btw. Christmas is not a celebration (religious) here, but it's commercialized, and advertised as a time to purchase goods, heavily.
street price.. 5200RMB... unlocked 3GS at any multi-brand carrying cell phone shops.. free matte film for the glossy screen haters. I need to find out how China unicom's 3G network is like.. I'm still debating if an iPod touch is just as good if the network isn't on par with iphone's capability. And.. i'm NOT changing my number from China mobile to unicom.. and YES. every other person has an iPhone here.
bye bye macbook sales? hello iMac + tablet?
thaz a let down....
arrg... expected this input video to be used as a space in OSX...
it will only be perfect if the input screen can be assigned as a space.. i'll wait until the PS3 can book hooked on it... or it's gonna be a 21.5" with an HD TV..
like wise...it will have a lot of pre-installed china unicummm apps.. prob even a logo on the iphone somewhere.. i doubt the oversea locked/unlocked iphone sales would drop.. while the overall iphone market share will go up.
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