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dvi switch?
... still no photos?
silver bezel???? it better be an aluminium part... uke: on the cheap plasitc paint v.s the unibody scheme... but.. still.. what was attrative on the pros were the thin border lines.. and they did it this time by blacking out the whole thing... now a 50 bucks option that could ruin the look? ..... are there any pix out there?
sorry.. i didn't do a search.. being a little ignorant .. I am wondering how the matte screen will be like.. would the black borders be matte as well? or the "anti glare" is on the actual viewing area.. TIA...
bahhh.. some one do a 3rd party program.. i am willing to pay!!!!
is this possible?.... i don't think there are any dvd player software out there that beats Apple's dvd player.... I'm running Vista on my dell xps (for work).. TIA
I've gone to the BestBuy here in Shanghai, they do have a lot of apple products present already.
they have something for this... it's called... ".Mac" ...
you should've used finer grid CFs.... but i am pretty sure Apple won't do it this way with CF weaves... so played out IMHO.
Mg alloyed ?
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