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Carbon fiber?? hire sony or acer ppl..
here is my multi million dollar concept: -time to put the apple mouse as a full surface touch pad!
! remote disc lets me play DVD movies?? :drool:... reconsidering MBA...
the hinges look weak..
everything aside.. how many of you have pre-ordered it???
i meant to have a have an extra slot for SSD storage on top of whichever built in storage you have. Why? cause SSD will be cheaper and cheaper, as its capacity will increase exponentially. you sure that remote disc will let me play DVD movies and allow me to watch it on MBA simultaneously?... i doubt that... the only reason i thought why they didn't put an USB port on the external dvd drive is power concerns; the unit might need all the power that an USB can provide and...
oh.. did anyone mention why AAPL has dropped to 160??
- why wasn't 160gb HDD offered!? or maybe at least a 5400rpm 80g? - expendable SSD slot would be cool. - remote disc only installs programs? come on. let me play DVD movies wirelessly, even in a worse quality. (a great 3rd party program, anyone?) -there should've been another usb port on the external DVD drive.
tablet rumor? what about my macbook slim!? argg!!!
revolutionary? wouldn't that be a word for the OS XI ?
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