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i've been waiting and waiting and waiting.. i don't care what spec it has, as long as it is an ultra portabe, and runs OSX.
ok, enough waiting.... i'll buy whatever comes out at Macworld.
up to 12.1 inch! http://www.engadget.com/2007/08/31/t...ch-lcd-reveal/ i still want the ultra portable 1st tho!!! arg!
that looks like an old CRT TV...
if you are doing photography.... screen size is more impoartant.
i want a light machine that runs OSX. period. i don't care what plugs it has i don't care if it doesn't have an optical drive i don't care if it is 13" or 12" or 10" screen.. just lighter!!!
it's going to be a 12inch iphone .. lol... no physical keyboard but a muti-touch screen. ...anyway... why can't they mount the optical drive on the top left or top right of the notebook screen? i don't care if 3/4th of my dvd is spinning outside of the laptop.. this is a must buy for me.. i don't care what name they come out with for it.
it's gonna have an ipod click wheel on the new keyboard!!!! :idea: !!!
why exclusively for benz tho???
after i unintalled XP from my MBP 17, my HDD became only 80gig from the 120gig i am supposed to have. basically, the 30gig i used for bootcamp on XP is gone! i deleted the boot camp as well.. how do i get my 30gig back?.... TIA
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