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sorry, i didn't read all the replies, but i am wondering how they will make the apple logo light up with the LED backlight screens? and i still think an optical drive is needed for a laptop!!
well.. so i did try to install it.. it did not work.
do you have your xbox connected to the view sonic?
the closed lid perhaps? I don't know..
OLEDs for the full screen. roll it up for the scroller if u might!... who cares about the rumor?..
VLC it plays videos.
i thought Intel's story for going to duo cores is cus its more efficient ...
no over heating issues?
haha please don't hang yourself.(or at least only do it after you post more reivews? )I enjoyed reading your post, it was I who failed to co-relate your logic.thanks again!
thanks for the review.. "One would think that Apple copied these features from Windows after several years of them being out and subtly improving on them." but i beileve you were trying to say that MS copied Apple?..
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