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thanks for the answers guys. I guess i'll just wait for 10.5..
can I use my OSX installation cd that came with my MBP 17 to install OSX 10.4 on my old PB 1.5 OSX 10.3.9? would i run into any problems? TIA.!!
so it acts like a buffer.. if someone finds a way to do this for the current notebooks, it'd sell.
phone + Mp3 playback + remote + PDA device? maybe i should have thing 'installed' to my forearm.
am I the only one who think it will not have so much Mp3 bias? or.. iPod + phone.. at least i think it would be more Phone + iPod... apple comes out with a product that would kill their own products?.. how are they going to change the consumer's idea from 'oh, i don't need mp3 play back on a phone, cus i have an ipod" to "oh, i have an iPhone, i need an iPod, too. ?
didn't samsung had a batt problem too?.. ... why didn't they ban themselves bak then?
2.5 hrs usually a movie and some last min fourm checking before i go to bed..
anyone here knows if i could just swap the screens on my pb to the newer ones?
does the 1.5 15" powerbook have optical audio output as well?
new powerbooks??..
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