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Does anyone know...?? It was a little confusing but I did not see it officially listed on the website....
haha oh yeah... Big difference... yes, DELIVERS on the 16th...!!!!!
Got 2 of them... 16GB Black... 499 each, seriously, what a great price for these beautiful devices...!! Ships on the 16th... any chance we can get them a day or two early like some people did with phones..?? great day...!!!!
for $39... its a smart cover
You forgot to add a D to the end of your 3......... just saying
I disagree, the 2 year cycle of the iPhone market which is tied to the 2 year contract should not be confused with the iPad market. This upgrade is major. People will buy a lot of them including iPad 2 owners....
Although the name could be HD, this article is really bad.... Its full of statements that are simply false in their logic, like you point out here....
iPad HDS, and then IPad 3D... It's really not that difficult to imagine this... I don't see what the big deal is here.... And when the article talks about apple's "usual naming scheme" , they obviously have no idea what they are writing about... Did they think the iPhone 3G stood for 3rd gen iPhone.?? Where do they get the people that write these articles..???
Hopefully this keeps the stock from shifting downward on event day... It will be a great "one last thing" ........ "It is available immediately"... cue the frenzy...!!!
I think if they did make an "iPad mini" they would probably sell a lot of them... I'm sure apple is at least testing this, whether they do it or not is another question... If the iPad mini is priced at 250-300 then does the touch stay at 200-220..?? This is really the question apple is answering behind closed doors: what will the iPad mini canabalize more, the touch or the iPad.? Maybe neither? Anyway, my belief is apple would still sell every one they make and i believe...
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