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try F15 and F14...I like how the "help" key has been removed and replaced with the laptop "fn" key
sadly all I have folding is my 1.8 iMac G5 so I'm currently at the 21 spot on the team.
Slot 134 and counting!!!
checkout the "mouse keys" in the universal access preference pane
so, what was that about?
oh, Verizon... I didn't see the correct spelling of the company when I was skimming so I didn't realize you weren't talking about Comcast anymore... With their new EV-DO network they will definitely provide competition for some broadband providers in certain areas of cities... Google is looking to get in the ISP game eventually as well... busy sector in the coming years. I'd look to more diversified fields with mutual funds and stuff... It is too easy to get...
what do you mean change to a .wmv? You should be able to open any extension file with vlc or other similar app... just drag it to the application without touching the filename.
There is no lag between changing the channels from a cable box like my original EyeTV unit (USB) has?!?!
Have you checked the music store preferences in your account preferences for the iTMS?
Interesting take on things, if Apple does produce a video service I would love for it to be a subscription based thing and not an a-lá-carte deal like music is... I would gladly pay the money to have a fresh library of videos (I don't even care what kind!) that I enjoy every month.
New Posts  All Forums: