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hmm my bad. i thought q4 included december... @tallest skil. from q2 12 to q3 12 the sales went down or am i missunderstanding something wrong?  
Hello world, my macbook the 2007 model, is really gettin old and i think it's time for a new macbook. the retina macbooks are pretty awesome but unbelievable expensive. even if i put the price tag aside the hdd is a little bit small. i need at least 320 gb. the lack of an optical drive and ethernet port is ok. so my question is. i am a student, don't play any games at all, would a macbook air fit my needs or is the new macbook  so great that i should spent the extra...
Yesterday i saw a diagramm about the iphone sales from 07 - 12 and it got me wondered. the sales are still insanly high but they are declining...   http://www.statista.com/statistics/12743/worldwide-apple-iphone-sales-since-3rd-quarter-2007/ of course google and their armada of android phones are doing their fair share. but could it also be possible that ios is evolving too slowly and people getting bored with it?  
iphone 5s?! :-P
attention for example! i'm not saying it was a good move
why is that?
guys, is there a chance that the iPhone 4 gets siri or isn't it even possible due to lack of hardware?
as if this happened by accident...-.-
all they did is getting in a new row, so you have one row more to fill with apps. *kaching*   hm, the *kaching* isnt't too loud though^^. apple's earnings in Q4 are kind of low...
http://venturebeat.com/2012/09/10/analysts-on-iphone-5-sales-could-reach-12m-in-september-but-expect-no-surprises/   12m???? uff...
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