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nice, so the battery life will be even shorter when using maps...-.-
damn right! look at this
I got a great source concerning iPhone sales statistics, it's called statista. they got a special iPhone page here: http://www.statista.com/topics/870/iphone/  
Wi-fi doesn't work without unlocking sim???  
am I the only one, who is kind of scared about all that technological devices?!^^  
Really looking forward to that. Cheaper university textbook on an iPad would really be very very awesome.
It#s very impressive how Apples iPhones sales have gone up after they introduced the 4s. Having three diffrent iPhones with different price ranges seems to really have worked out well for them. I hope they will do the same thing for the iPad at some point. A cheap iPad2 would be something very hard to resist getting.
I have not been purchasing book on the store yet, mainly because I believe it not that much a thrill to really read more than a couple of pages on the iPhone, but I am interested what apple is going to present if they actually have a media event on this kind of stuff.
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