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Apple already paid the owner of the iPad name, and it has already been sold to Apple. The owner is the same guy, he has refused the name transfer for years now because he says, "Oh, you bought it from my left hand, actually I only promised to sell it to you from my right hand".Would you like to buy a car advertised for $20,000 by putting $20,000 in the salesman's left hand, then another $20,000 in the right hand, so you can, you know, actually drive the darn thing out of...
Ironic since many pro-Proview commentators said "the liquidators own the company", "to the creditors go the spoils", etc. Clearly some creditors just want to get their ******* money back and put this garbage lawsuits behind them. The slumcourts in China fancy stopping this from happening.
If you can afford it, get out of retail life ASAP. It ain't pretty.
Pertinent points. It should be noted that while Apple should be encouraged to do more, they alone cannot be the sharp end of the stick. What about all the green building certifications and so on? Who else is doing this? There should be more publicity and case studies based on that. Besides solar, there's some impressive work on wind as well. Small-Urban-Wind+Solar especially to balance day/night and the seasons would be ideal. Why don't we here more from other tech...
I wish I could chuck a simple small wind turbine on top of my patio roof and let it generate 1kw per hour: http://www.solaronline.com.au/air-br...d-turbine.html Pity only ~200W at this stage for about USD $1,000 or so.
Not really. In terms of units Macs are way behind iPad now. Apple could pull the plug on Intel anytime by EOL'ing several Mac products, and introduce a souped-up ARM MacBook Air with two multitouch LCDs in a laptop format. They wouldn't because, well, there's no good reason to at this stage, but I'm sure the groundwork has been done. Intel is not dependent on Apple and Apple is not dependent on Intel. It's like friends with benefits.
Please. If it runs Windows we know what the end result is. I'm not being haughty, just FFS wake up and smell the lag. As for tablet-transforming things, Apple will probably decimate it when they come out with a MacBook Air being made of purely two multitouch screens, one normal, one retina. Yes, kind of like two tablets clamshelled but though through properly. Like this but better, of course, imagine it with an elegant hinge and better...
However just like hipsters congregating in one of those hipster bars, self-righteous geeks cloister around certain forums. I'm probably guilty too, but since returning to having a life I've tried to cut down.
Those ads were a "hobby"
Mommy can I have a hot chocolate please?
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