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Depends... The experience is not great. CompUSA, Best Buy, Circuit City... Pretty average when I was in the US. Fry's was the best.The Australian equivalent is Dick Smith, JB HiFi (which 10 years ago seemed to be a discount CD and record shop?) which has enough of your basic needs, but these kinds of chains are like convenience grocery stores while Apple Retail is Tiffany's.
Loving my AppleTV. Like they say, you always remember your first time... Especially if it is in 1080p. That said there's a reason why it's just a "hobby".
"We've been selling the world's most popular product for the past few years and hence our profits are less"
What about ASIO?
Good find. As is standard Asian [clarification: as in business in Asia] practice, either Apple has negotiated a deal and the mall management has gone nuts advertising it, or Apple is nowhere near a deal with the mall and the mall management went nuts advertising it anyway.Even if the deal was real, indeed there is no way, for a new poster, to have such old images... and no way Apple would advertise like that so far in advance. An Apple Reseller, possibly, but no way Apple...
FWIW... Please provide feedback too. I already bought the wireless router and the Airport Express, I didn't want to go out and buy the Airport Extreme. 5ghz is good, by the way, I like it. DSL modem is connected to Netcomm 802.11b/g/n wireless router. This supplies the 802.11b/g/ 2.4ghz N signal for iPhone, Xbox360, and anything else. Then, I connect via ethernet from Netcomm wireless router to my existing Airport Express. Airport Express supplies a pure 802.11...
I would challenge that. 1800mhz is a prominent and suitable band for 4G LTE. Just because it's not what is supported by the new iPad does not invalidate the band: http://www.itwire.com/it-industry-ne...lte-worldwideq. At the same time, 850mhz is a suitable choice for 3G. I'm not sure what exactly Wiki is referring to but 2100mhz is not a dominant band from what I can see... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/UMTS_frequency_bands ... So it's not a band that is even used in the US...
Depends. In Australia it might be the tail wagging the dog, the ACCC has become quite aggressive in light of new laws. A recent barrage was regarding limited warranties of only 1 year, and they've definitely been firing various warning shots in the past few months on a range of things. FWIW the Australian media generally did not talk about "4G ripoff" until the ACCC brought it up, and even then the story is about the consumer watchdog, and not about consumers complaining....
No email yet from Apple Australia! I'm going to call mah Prime Minizter... Nah, just joking.
Cheers. As I recall, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPad and iPad2 generally did not have any confusion. Because 3G was 3G for the most part, no two ways about it.
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