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Heck no. I breathe every watt of pure Retina rich-coloured goodness.
The Olympics, I don't really care about, though I admire the men and women who have dedicated their lives to sporting excellent. But iPhone 5... Well, maybe iPad 2013, I'll try to stick around until then. And I got to finish Mass Effect 3, though apparently they are making a new ending as we speak. So, no rush.
LOL The poor shareholder should ask why is he still bothering with HP. Time to move on. Their printers/scanners/whatever are garbage, and has been for 10 years now.In Australia you generally can't buy a stand alone printer (cheapest ones are "all-in-ones"), because they're too dirt cheap, despite the unicorn-tear ink cartridges. So many extinct business models HP is still trying to milk.Again, ironic, Steve wanted to build a company like HP but ended up superceding them.
That's what he said!
Damn... Beat me to it.
That's what she said!
Indeed. 1080.24p FTW. Of course, UEFA Champions League at 1080.60p would be sweet, forget 720.
http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4095 Note update: 1080p content is only compatible with iPad (3rd generation), Apple TV (3rd generation), and computers that meet the minimum system requirements. HD content purchased directly on iPad 2 or earlier will continue to download in 720p. You may still download the 1080p version using the Purchased page on your computer based on availability.
Yeah, I've been watching a lot of Big Bang Theory recently and it is very likely shot in progressive, from a layperson's view.
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