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Interesting that the mainstream media is not picking up on this yet, from my cursory browsing.I still don't get it though, why would Apple need to "broaden their shareholder base"? What's changed? Why give away 45 billion dollars? That sounds like charity.
Nah mate, it's not about executive compensation, specifically in the conference call it was stated that Tim Cook has declined something something... essentially, Tim's not getting dividends.I love the mainstream media's headlines:Apple dividend shows new CEO Tim Cook will push company in new directions in post-Jobs eraAnd among the other garbage spewed in mainstream media:Apple didn’t even bother anointing the third-generation iPad with a distinctive name, prompting some...
Steve talked a lot about how he admired HP and wanted to build something like that. In the end he did, and surpassed HP by all reasonable measures.
It's bizarre, I wonder why people think Apple is forcing them to sell the shares?
No, Apple is smarter than that. There's something here that belies the "caving to Wall Street" ~ that's too easy. Something else is going on. Why do they suddenly care about their shareholders? Just because Steve has relinquished the reins? Something else is going on. Does Apple think the cash hoard will actually make Apple less productive, since it might encourage them to sit back and cruise on the cash backup?
Perhaps it's an app development company that was mistaken for a financial something something?
Josh Ong has been quite good since he started on AI, we should have writer bios on AI.Well, there are far worse forums, of which I'm not a so-called "power user" (I laugh in self-derision here). But at least you guys, including the trolls, are smart, without being to smart-ass. Edit: Okay there's definitely one or two posters around that get our goat but for the most part, other than that, the intelligence level and written ability here on AI is well above average. I avoid...
Can you explain how this share creep occurs? I think most of us get the other points but the "dilution" stuff, I don't understand at this stage, not without spending a few hours on Google. However, given the opportunity now, I need to make a decision fairly quickly over the next few days.
Hi Guys and Gals, I am reposting here for those interested in SuperHD aka Retina iBooks and Keynote. Some of the newcomers to this thread may not have seen our previous predictions, which is now, fact. The reason is because the mockups I made work EXACTLY AS INTENDED on iPad Retina. It's pretty amazing. Keynote and iBooks on iPad Retina is "blow-away stuff". iBooks ~ As predicted by various people Load the following original images generated natively from iBooks Author...
CES is the equivalent of the fake Chinese Apple Stoer[sic]
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