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People should stop whining about a the smaller connector. We'd all be stuck with 8-track if technology didn't move forward. It has to change sometime and the current connector looks like a Soviet Union era connector. There will certainly be an adapter available likely in the box and at low cost otherwise.   And, yup, it's not micro-USB. Apple likes proprietary connectors and it's well known they are working on a smaller 30-pin.   The part is real. Machining this...
Many of you are thinking about it all wrong:   First, Apple is VERY focused on not changing the form factor or previous app compatability with future phones. That does not mean it will never change but simply that it won't change if it absolutely doesn't have to.   The existing form factor of the phone can likely easily accomodate a wider and taller 4"+/- screen.   Yes some of you may find phones larger to use with one hand (Apple's criterion for maximum...
You lucky AT&T out-of-contract customers! In Canada I have to pay my carrier, Fido, $50 to unlock the phone after it is out-of-contract. Highway robbery. I wonder why AT&T is so magnanimous in doing the unlock for free. I am out of contract up here in Canada so why should I pay to have it done?
How much change can one expect to an iPad. I mean, the main feature is what happens under that slab of glass. Over time it will get thinner and with a smaller bezel. The camera is always going to be a hole. Maybe the home button will eventually morph to not being mechanical to touch sensitive. Over time the iPad will be a thin slab of glass with the screen going edge to edge. If the screen size changes at all it will be to increase in size so that it goes edge to edge...
I'm not an early adopter. Just got my iPhone 3GS 2 yrs ago and my 4S last fall. Bought an Apple TV in Nov. I'll get the iPad 3 IF I deem the value proposition worthwhile. A hi-res screen is the minimum I'd take, but maybe I'll wait till next year when even better iPad cameras are in the unit. I find my iPhone and Apple TV fine for now. I'm amazed by all these people who just can't wait. Didn't you all learn 'delay gratification' in kindergarten? Supposedly the first more...
This is precisely the problem and Steve Jobs talked about it in an interview about 4 years ago. The cable co's control the set-top box and have strong economic reasons not to have it disappear. Now, maybe this will change over time but it's one huge hurdle.
Requiring one to order a base package of a bunch of channels and then paying a la carte for each one added is reasonable. So is saying you can order what channels you want but you have to order a minimum number. What is crazy is that right now I have to order groups of channels and sometimes I have to order an entire additional group just to get the one single channel I want.
I have Rogers. What they are going to be offering is not really a la carte. It's 15, 30, etc channels as a package 'a la carte'. So if 8 channels are in one package and 1 is in another you have to buy two packages, ie 30 channels, just to get the 9 (8+1) you want. A la carte is like on a menu in a restaurant. You order the individual channels you want for $1-$2 each.
I'm a Canuck and never find the word offensive at all and neither does any other Canuck I know! You'l have to google the word.
Do your research before you make idiotic comments. Bell & Rogers are not phone companies. They are integrated companies offering mobile/internet/satellite/cable and other products. And, yes, we up here in Canada are way ahead of the curve on a lot of things which is why Apple does a lot of recruiting here and actually tests a lot of their products here first rather than in the gossipy US of A.
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