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Sweet. In cell tech. Finally they caught up to what Samsung has been doing for about three years now 
What is all this talk of this CPU and THAT CPU?   ALLLLLLL ARM chip makers license their design from ARM. Well, then again there is intel but whatever. A5, exynos, tegra3.....its all ARM Cortex A9. The only diff are in slight energy saving mods and of course the GPU. Samsung uses a stock ARM GPU in the exynos, so there was def no copying there.    As long as all CPU's are ARM designs, A9, A15, A7 whatever, there will always be hardly ANY diff between them once...
What did I do? I just said your joke was funny? Geeeshhh, can't take a compliment.    You can dish it, but you sure can't take it, lol.    By the way, it started at sleepy3. There is no connection to sleepy1 through 2. 
LOL! you know it!   I laughed at your comment almost as hard as when i laughed when Tim Cook claimed Apple innovates and everyone else copies. Then brings out a phone with 4G TWO YEARS LATER THAN EVERYONE ELSE       But your comment was pretty funny too, i ROFL'd, LOL! Good one! You crack me up.  You know what, i bet they BINGED IT!!! HAHAA. Oh man, Good stuff Skil. 
Hmmm, that's interesting.    I thought Apple were the 'innovator for the world?'   That's what Cook said right? Someone correct me if i'm wrong
Hmmm, then why did Apple fight so hard to get sanctions against Samsung for something they did as well? Seems odd. 
Hmmm   So its another feature grabbed from an android phone to add to the pile. I'll put it right next to 4G, NFC, 4" Screens, quad core processors, and i'm just talking hardware.     "Last fall, Fujitsuincorporated AuthenTec's fingerprint scanner on its Regza Android-based smartphone for DoCoMo in Japan, enabling users to unlock the screen without using either a passcode"   I thought the pattern was Apple first, then Android copies..... Seems to me Apple...
I didn't include any opinion about whether it was legal or not. I'm just talking from a moral standpoint. Why do that to people? Why not just compete with Amazon and beat their pricing?   Then again, Apple is all about a premium experience. Keep the more expensive books and offer something on top that makes it worth the extra money and see if consumers are willing to pay more for the same book but with the Apple experience.    Don't go forcing the publishers to make...
Well to be fair, this is a JURY trial, so I don't see the Judge having THAT much influence, apart of course from refusing evidence that either side would want based on her whim and fancy.    and by the way, who are they fooling? REGARDLESS of which side wins the thing we can be sure about IS AN APPEAL.    So whoever wins, this is FAR from over. 
Didn't SJ say that the agency model 'would raise prices, but that is what the publishers want anyway'?   How is it that Apple is using a model which raises prices good for consumers?   Don't know about you, but any 'model' which raises prices I don't want. And i can assure you 99% of people also will not be in favor of any model which raises prices.    Here's the quote: "We'll go to the agency model, where you set the price, and we get our 30%, and yes, the customer pays...
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