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Agree with that but it needs to be able to last a Friday work day through the party night and a Saturday morning waking up at someone else's house for brunch without it being dead on my wrist.
Yeah, that would be nice. Almost always want to check out a few comments of an insider article and it just sucks having to go through all that.
Spoke to soon. Have about 10 emails that were deleted elsewhere yesterday and today but their stillin the mammal inbox. not the all mail folder but inbox. It just irritates the hell out of me.
Yeah, I also use an iCloud account and at one time forwarded the gmail to it but there are some personal reasonswhy it didn't work out the way I would have liked it to. I hate google now a days but the gmail incorporates really well with everything I have going right now. I can't even remember why I didn't like to forward it to iCloud, probably something petty but I like the shit to work the way its supposed to. Anyway, Im very happy to say that it looks like gmail is...
I replied back earlier but didn't quote it so not sure if u read it but said that after a while it synced up it seemed to be working good. The problem was that deleted messages from other devices or even gmail web would stay in the Mac mail inbox and unread counts wouldn't be right. Anyway after a while I'm here to say it's definitely finally working great for me. About time.
you know what, it seems like it might be good now. i hope. ill reply back in a while. at first i seen lots of messages that were deleted on the iPhone the past two days still in the mac mail inbox but then after a few it synced up correctly. But it seemed to work at first after one of the other updates too then went to shit, so let me  take that first post back and hope it works. For now it seems to be. Thank u apple 
Why can't they fix this freakin gmail problem already. There's been like what, 3 or 4 so called mail fix updates and still doesn't work. Uhg.
Also, iRadio is there. It just says radio in your music library section next to album, artist, playlist and such...
 Yeah, I already deleted the old one but I can tell this time its taking a lot longer and the first was to quick so it must have been a bad file like u said...Yup, just clicked it and now its installing.   
New Posts  All Forums: