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Well that's one up for Apple Maps: I'd rather be misdirected to 'Murray Sunset National Park' than 'Wild Dog Road'.
I seem to remember AI reporting a fairly recent interview with Tim Cook when he said it wasn't worth Apple manufacturing in the US, and then several months later reporting him announcing that Apple was going to do just that. The discrepancy struck me, but now I presume he was persuaded that the loss of profits would be outweighed by casting Apple in a favourable light when lobbying the US Government.
A truly 'smart' to do list would perform the actions on the list for you.
I'm surprised by some of the posters here suggesting that ordinary, non-technical users don't install RAM. My last purchase was a Mac Mini and I saved a considerable amount of money on the RAM even allowing for the fact that I took out the Apple minimum supplied RAM and threw it away! It's actually quite easy for us 'ordinary' users - the Mac Mini has an excellently written and illustrated manual. These manuals have been a great Apple tradition for years! And buying...
I find it remarkable that the online Apple Store won't sell you an Imac at the moment. Another thing that struck me as remarkable is I went into the Regents Street Apple Store in central London (which is a very big store) and right at the back corner they had just one Mac Mini and one Mac Pro on display. It just shows what a small minority people like me have become who still prefer to use desktop Macs over portable ones.  
In UK, we have just had a very amusing Parliamentary committee investigating tax paid by multinationals. What Starbucks said to the Parliamentary committee: Troy Alstead said Starbucks paid almost no tax in the UK because it made no money here. With one exception, they had made a loss for 15 years. "We are not at all pleased about our financial performance here. It is fundamentally true everything we are saying and everything we have said historically." What...
My understanding of the law in the UK is: Under the Sale Of Goods Act 1979 Section 14-2, the 'durability' of a product must be what...   'a reasonable person would regard as satisfactory, taking account of any description of the goods, the price (if relevant) and all the other relevant circumstances' I believe for an Apple computer that this is definitely more than two years and so this law is of a higher standard than the EU directive and so takes...
Is there anything about a hybrid drive that an ordinary old-fashioned user needs to be aware of? Or do I just consider it as exactly the same as a single hard drive? Does it appear the same as a single hard drive to software, for example backup programs?
I used to enjoy reading the comments sections of AI because each contributor would add something from their area of expertise that gave me a more rounded understanding of the technical issues. Unfortunately I'm sad that it has largely been taken over by childish trolling (even by one of the moderators!).
Non-reflective screens seems MUCH better to me. Tell me, why doesn't Apple offer non-reflective screens on Macs as an option? The only reason I've ever seen given on this forum is: 'If you don't like it go somewhere else'.  
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