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It would be more useful to Samsung if Apple had to post that the Samsung Tablet WAS a copy of an Ipad.  
      Also you can get stackable third party hard drives.   Anyway, Tallest, where are we? You asked - Can the Imac design be improved on? Well I agree it's a beautiful design, but so far we more or less agree that the cooling needs to be improved and that the hard drive could be made more easily swappable and I'm also suggesting detachable parts - as I had to replace a whole Imac because a tiny chip failed - and I think that's simply poor design. So. yes I...
If an Imac hard drive fails - you have to take the Imac apart to replace it. If an external stacked hard drive fails on a Mac Mini it's simple to replace. If the Imac motherboard fails - well I think the Imac is a right-off. But with a Mac Mini - at least the Display is unaffected. If the Imac Display fails - well again I think the Imac is a right-off. But with a Mac Mini the computer is unaffected.   And similar arguments apply to upgrading one or other elements...
I would like to see the computer unit and drives unit detachable from the display (Imagine a kind of Mac Mini and an external drive fixed on either side of the back of an Apple Display). Then if anything went drastically wrong to an out-of-warranty Imac then at least the whole unit wouldn't be a right off. It would also mean customers could upgrade one item without buying a whole new unit. Apple already use the modular theme with the Mac Mini and it's various stackable...
Design is evolutionary, it isn't spontaneously created. All designers are working with previous ideas. And that's how it should be - it would be incredibly unproductive if the best designs were ignored by subsequent designers.  And Apple influenced by Rams? Actually it was Rams who was influenced by Apel - Otto Apel.  
OK jragosta - you're right!   Quote:     'It just works' could mean it works - but only just!  
I think Apple is creating problems for itself by making advertising claims like: "Every document, every edit, everywhere" and "It just works" Neither of which are true.  
Another example of stupid minimalism by Apple! My local store doesn't even stock important basic items because the staff tell me it would clutter up the store having products for sale! The store doesn't have ANY signs either so to find out when they are going to open you have to bang on the glass until you can attract someone's attention to walk over, open the door, and tell you! I wish someone would tell them that minimalism and excellent design are not one and the same...
Sounds like good news. I remember back in the depths of the previous millennium Harrods had the best deals on Apple computers! It was amusing to see people's reactions when they asked where I bought my Macs from. The London Covent Garden Apple Store doesn't even stock some basic Apple products. They look at me strangely when I ask to buy something.
These are some dates I've taken form Wikipedia and Apple History: Sandy Bridge First Release Date: January 9, 2011; Imac (Sandy Bridge, Mid 2011) Introduced: May 2011 Mac Mini (Sandy Bridge Mid 2011) Intoduced July 2011
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