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If Ivy Bridge is released in April and Apple adopts it three months later then that's about 5 months time. And if Ivy Bridge is an Intel 'tick' release and unlikely to be significantly faster than Sandy Bridge - then maybe I wont bother waiting.
Hi Tall, thanks. So Apple won't release desktops until Ivybridge is released?
I intend to buy a couple of new desktop Macs this spring/summer. Maybe one Mac Mini and one Imac. Do you know which website has the best guide to when new models will be released?
How a marketing executive counts up to ten... 1... 2... HD... XP... Millennium Pro... Snow Leopard... CS3... First Premier Elite... X (Pronounced 'ten')
I hope so hypercommunist - I've not bought an Ipad - but an 8gb $349 Ipad2 would be PERFECT for me!
It may be only 0.81mm but multiply that by the projected sales of 20 million and that adds up to quite a sizeable dimension:- 3.8km!
Icloud requires MacOX 'Lion'. I would have to replace two out of my three computers to use 'Lion' therefore I won't be able to use the full Icloud nor obviously Mobileme either. In my opinion, this change-over seems like an ill-judged attempt to force unnecessary upgrades.
OK, thanks for reply Tall. It's just disconcerting when there is a story that undermines the whole way I understand something! This is a great site BTW!
Will a double resolution Ipad show the text twice as small - and therefore unreadable, or will it actually display it at 22px to ensure webpages have the same appearance on both old and new Ipads? Or in broader terms, should I forget about sizing my web page in pixels? Is that no longer applicable as an idea?
This has got me confused... I'm trying to create a webpage and I'm setting the font size like this: {font-size: 11px} Do I need to rethink?
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