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I asked a simple question without taking a single swipe at Apple or anyone else, and I am troll baiting? That is why I don't post on forums much, because of responses like yours. There are to many self righteous condescending jack wads in here that that are so quick to accuse people of things that are just not true. Jeezzzzz…..
"Windows dominates the installation base globally, but if you look at the numbers it's all because of outdated software."   Were purchasing Brand New outdated MB/Processors/Memory for WIN XP so we can have 10 back up PC's for our Plotter/CAD PC's because we do not want to spend 3 Grand per PC to upgrade the software.   $450.00 PC hard ware   $4500.00 Total   $3000.00 New License + $800 New Hardware with WIN 7 or WIN 8.1 for 6 PC's $22,800.00 Total
On models that are 7 years old?
Can a developer point out any modifications in the underlying code that would make Apple want to push this on just about every Intel based Mac out there?   I felt the same way when they put out iOS 7 working all the way back to iPhone 4, which I can attest is terrible.
I can't help but wonder why they are offering a major upgrade for free and covering so many model's over so many model years. Not making paranoid accusations, just seems a little odd.
Seriously? Your point is correct if the argument is academic but in the real world with in publications, tech blogs even here with Apple users the word "Greedy" is an accepted verb for Apple and has been for YEAR'S. You are arguing pre iPhone and post iPhone together.  Prior to iPhone I believe there was collusion with in the cell phone industry (just my opinion) so profits stood strong. However after the launch of iPhone the industry was no longer clamshells, candy bar...
I love it when I here Apple is "Greedy" or "Apple Tax"   It is not that Apple is over priced it is that the competition is in a race to the bottom for 5% profit or less per unit.   Apple does not fall for the pressure of the competition to compete for "junk".   I here how people talking about there 3rd or 4th generation back device like the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s with the latest iOS 7 on said device and how happy they are.   Do you hear that about Samsung, Black...
Wow.... Just Wow No need to ask how old you are. Wow
Got my Credit Card Ready
How well is Motorola doing for Google?   Seems Android has created more success for their competitor/customer than it is for them (meaning Moto).   So makes me think this is the biggest win Nokia could have ever dreamed of happening.   But for Microsoft?   If Microsoft parlays this purchase the right way this could correct a lot of mistakes on MS part.   However with the CEO position in disarray at the moment I think this purchase is a...
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