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Sony's entry-level camera comes with 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 lens, whereas QX100 is a 28-100mm f/1.8-4.9 lens. Not even in the same league at all.
Most folks who would buy such product would probably opt for QX100, so I am a bit disappointed that AppleInsider chose to review QX10 instead. Having said that, usage issues and quirks are very good to know, and they reinforce my long held belief that Sony is capable of making good hardware but rarely software (games excluded).   I hope Sony believes in the direction of such product and improves QX10 and QX100 with better tethering (with Bluetooth Low Energy which any...
I hate to defend Samsung, but here goes.   Region locking may derail unlocked movement, but it is still superior to carrier locking. Provided one can unlock the phone once contract obligation is fulfilled or unlocked phone is also available at unsubsidized pricing, I would much rather have region locked iPhone than carrier locked iPhone 5 that I am carrying now.
Compressed memory sounds great on paper, but I am skeptical of the feature working well in the real world. Automatic reference counting introduced in Lion actually increased memory consumption (since cycles are often common and they are not deallocated by ARC). In current beta, compressed memory barely works and Mavericks will run out of memory (paging out) much more quickly than Mountain Lion. (Yes, I realize Mavericks is still in beta and things should only improve as...
Sigh. Google is still trying to pass web apps as apps? Google, we all know that web apps are websites.
Perhaps the biggest reasons against freemium games is how ridiculous these in-app currencies cost. Freemium games should have a maximum ceiling of $49.99 or so (certainly not higher than $99.99), at which point the game should convert to premium game with all the locked contents unlocked.
  I've deleted C&D once and let the subscription run out. I've lost access to past issues completely, even though C&D app has "restore access" feature.
My #1 problem with most Newsstand apps isn't price. It's the download size of each issue. A typical issue of Car & Driver, for instance, weighs in at 200MB and up. That is just too much for something I may read just once or twice. Each issue should be offered in two versions, one for offline viewing (that includes full contents) and one for online viewing (that downloads images on-demand).
True, but I think that's a mistake. Aside from the Nexus series (and shorting of rooting), you can't buy "pure" Android phone. All that hard work Google puts into Android can only be experienced by less than 1% of the Android smartphone users.   With the exception of Nexus One, Google has been updating Nexus almost as soon as the major update is released. While it is possible to root their Android phones to update, that is something tech geeks would do (ironically...
Compared to iMac, Mac mini has inferior spec and costs more when comparably equipped. Having said that, I prefer Mac mini simply because it is headless. I had two iMacs in the past and both died due to dust accumulation (which in turn caused the logic board to fail). Mini is much easier to open and service and cheaper to replace (since you do not need to purchase the screen, keyboard, and pointing device again). And it is more ideal for hooking up to home theater or use...
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