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If you read the article, you will see that iPhone 6 Plus's sale is likely constrained by supply. On T-Mobile, for instance, the ratio of phone preorder has been roughly 55% for iPhone 6 and 45% for iPhone 6 Plus. But actual supply has been much more lopsided to 6 at about 85%. Furthermore, I am not sure if it's fair to say 6 Plus has been a flop. Even with a supply constrained, it is commanding 23% of the entire iPhone orders (vs. 68% for 6 Plus), or about 25% of the new...
As an owner of PS3, it better have significantly improved UI to make it worthwhile. PS3 UI is an absolute nightmare to use. If it hasn't changed much from the Japanese version, it would be a throughly disgusting UI.
For me to preorder iWatch on day 1, I would like: 1. Health sensors to replace the likes of Fitbit and FuelBand (and hopefully more extensive set of sensors). 2. Good battery life, at least 3 days. 3. Wireless charging. 4. Hands-free Siri. 5. Notification Center. 6. Vibration motor so that I don't miss important calls or notifications. 7. Can double as a remote control for Apple TV. 8. 8-16GB storage so that it can double as iPod nano. 9. Can remotely trigger iPhone/iPad...
One of the mistakes Apple made when it launched iPhone 5 is not including a Lightning to 30-pin Adapter in the packaging.   If Apple chooses to go with this route, and I think size saving could be worth it, it would be wise to include a hybrid Lightning cable that can connect to PC/Mac/power for charging and syncing, as well as a headphones jack for connecting with existing headsets.
Sony's entry-level camera comes with 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 lens, whereas QX100 is a 28-100mm f/1.8-4.9 lens. Not even in the same league at all.
Most folks who would buy such product would probably opt for QX100, so I am a bit disappointed that AppleInsider chose to review QX10 instead. Having said that, usage issues and quirks are very good to know, and they reinforce my long held belief that Sony is capable of making good hardware but rarely software (games excluded).   I hope Sony believes in the direction of such product and improves QX10 and QX100 with better tethering (with Bluetooth Low Energy which any...
I hate to defend Samsung, but here goes.   Region locking may derail unlocked movement, but it is still superior to carrier locking. Provided one can unlock the phone once contract obligation is fulfilled or unlocked phone is also available at unsubsidized pricing, I would much rather have region locked iPhone than carrier locked iPhone 5 that I am carrying now.
Compressed memory sounds great on paper, but I am skeptical of the feature working well in the real world. Automatic reference counting introduced in Lion actually increased memory consumption (since cycles are often common and they are not deallocated by ARC). In current beta, compressed memory barely works and Mavericks will run out of memory (paging out) much more quickly than Mountain Lion. (Yes, I realize Mavericks is still in beta and things should only improve as...
Sigh. Google is still trying to pass web apps as apps? Google, we all know that web apps are websites.
Perhaps the biggest reasons against freemium games is how ridiculous these in-app currencies cost. Freemium games should have a maximum ceiling of $49.99 or so (certainly not higher than $99.99), at which point the game should convert to premium game with all the locked contents unlocked.
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