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  I've deleted C&D once and let the subscription run out. I've lost access to past issues completely, even though C&D app has "restore access" feature.
My #1 problem with most Newsstand apps isn't price. It's the download size of each issue. A typical issue of Car & Driver, for instance, weighs in at 200MB and up. That is just too much for something I may read just once or twice. Each issue should be offered in two versions, one for offline viewing (that includes full contents) and one for online viewing (that downloads images on-demand).
True, but I think that's a mistake. Aside from the Nexus series (and shorting of rooting), you can't buy "pure" Android phone. All that hard work Google puts into Android can only be experienced by less than 1% of the Android smartphone users.   With the exception of Nexus One, Google has been updating Nexus almost as soon as the major update is released. While it is possible to root their Android phones to update, that is something tech geeks would do (ironically...
Compared to iMac, Mac mini has inferior spec and costs more when comparably equipped. Having said that, I prefer Mac mini simply because it is headless. I had two iMacs in the past and both died due to dust accumulation (which in turn caused the logic board to fail). Mini is much easier to open and service and cheaper to replace (since you do not need to purchase the screen, keyboard, and pointing device again). And it is more ideal for hooking up to home theater or use...
The Transit App (free, with premium features as subscription) is another good one.
  It's because the adapter has a processor to convert digital signals (from Lightning iOS devices) to analog audio and video.
While optical image stabilization can indeed be superior, Nokia has been caught faking stabilized video footage. So the extent of how much superior it is remains to be seen.
  If iPhone didn't exist, I would most likely buy Nokia Lumia phones. That said, these new phones are pretty disappointing. And Wall Street agrees, with Nokia stock down about 15% following the announcement.   1. iPhone 4S can also shoot 1080p video, with image stabilization. 2. PureView on Lumia 920 is a regression from Lumia 808's PureView, using much more limited image sensor (down from 41-megapixels to 8-megapixels). In fact, it really isn't much different from image...
While dynamic hybrid cursor is nice and all, Apple really needs to improve default cursors. It is often very difficult to locate where the pointer is.
I came very close to buying Sparrow apps during promo period. I am glad I didn't pull the trigger.
New Posts  All Forums: